Windows 8 Consumer Preview nearly done, Office 15 screenshots leak

By Matthew · 14 replies
Feb 23, 2012
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  1. On track with its previously shared schedule, Microsoft has reportedly stopped compiling beta builds and is preparing to sign off on the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 tomorrow. The build…

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  2. mmm that charm bar could be nice, especially if you can mod it easily and add different gadgets on it (a bit like rainmeter allows you to).
  3. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    I look forward to giving this a whirl.
  4. I've been using the Dev Preview as my main OS at home since Sept. No complaints. Only hope that the CP is as stable.
  5. Hi, I looking forward installing this win as a Main OS, I have been using Dev Preview for 1-2 months, than I don't remeber why I changed to win 7, but I really missed the fast boot, I am hping that in Consumer Preview it will be faster, I want ask, I accidently uninstalled the weather, and now I cannot install it, because of the Microsoft Store, some ideas....?
  6. Seems like MS is designing everything to the lowest common denominator, the phone/pad/tablet and not the laptop, desktop. So far, I don't really like the look and feel but I'll give it a fair test once I can run the CP.
  7. When is this gonna be released?
  8. late februrary, aka 29th ;) on the .... in Barcelona
  9. They must take the code from rendering engine of Age Of Empires III and put them in aw update to Dreamscene :)
  10. correction "water rendering engine"
  11. you have to reset your computer. No files will be deleted but you may have to reinstall some programs. Or if you just unpinned it hit windows button+Q and search for it. if it is there right click and hit pin to start.
  12. From What I have seen, windows 8 seems like a major improvement over windows 7, however a little more advanced features should be easily accessible, futhermore music features should be updated to should a 10 Band graphical equalizer
  13. I am so happy with my android tablet, so I never must uninstall INTERNET explorer again ;)
  14. windows 8 looks retarded to me and the whole panel concept seems like MS trying to play catch up with apple. The whole world is going to apps and windows is following suit. I am tired of paying a fortune for my OS and that is why I switched to mac a couple years ago
  15. Actually MS will be jumping ahead of Apple with Windows 8. Tell me something, can the default Mac OS be installed on a Desktop/Laptop/Tablet and be suitable for all 3..? No it cant!

    A fortune for Windows you say, how is $100-$200 a fortune? If you wanted something free and better than Mac, download and install Linux. Your probably paying more for the Mac OS than what it costs for Windows when you buy a Mac computer as its way overpriced for what you get

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