Windows 98 and Windows XP dual boot system (step by step)

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Oct 5, 2009
  1. I am needing to create Window 98 and Windows XP dual boot system from scratch.

    Can I just use Win 98 startup up disk to start doing the install and will it do partitions or do I need to use FDISK to create partitions.

    I relize the Windows 98 uses only FAT 32 and not the newish sytem of NSFS (spelling) system in where Windows XP does also that Windows 98 goes in C:\windows and Windows XP goes in D:\windows.

    From scratch as if new hard drive do I need to use FDISK? or can I just start by inserting Windows 98 starup disk and it will ask me to create partitions (2), etc?

  2. superty12

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  3. SNGX1275

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    XP doesn't need to be installed first, back in the day most enthusiasts were dual booting 98 and XP and it was always install 98 first.

    You'll need to get the partitions set up before installing XP, so if you know how to do it by FDISK then do it that way. I don't remember if the 98 setup will allow you to not install to the full disk.

    Once 98 is installed, you can insert the XP disk and launch the setup from there. Just don't install it to the same partition as 98 and all is well.
  4. DLambie

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    One problem here 250 GB hard drive how can I partition this as FDISK only shows I got 41 GB lol
  5. DLambie

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    FDISK and 250 GB hard drive

    anyone know how to partion, well I know how to use FDISK, I mean is 250 GB it does not reconize
  6. mailpup

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    Maybe that's why superty12 said to install XP first. XP will recognize the large drive and then it can be partitioned during setup and Windows 98 can be installed on a smaller partition later.
  7. SNGX1275

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    98 may even have to be on the first partition of the drive.

    I would use something like SeaTools or a live linux disk and make a ~4 (larger if you are going to install a bunch of stuff to it) gig FAT32 partition, and leave the rest unpartitioned. Then install 98 to that 4 gig. Then boot from the XP disk and create a partition in the remaining space (or however you want to do it) and install. The setup should notice 98 and then when you boot the computer the dual boot menu will come up.
  8. ravisunny2

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    Why not install Win 98 in a Virtial PC running on XP ?
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