Windows Boots, Then Freezes

By Ben_tomlinson88 ยท 12 replies
Mar 18, 2005
  1. Ok, My computers on Windows XP, And its just strated to get problems with it.
    It boots up fine, which i would suspect that it must be a sofware problem.
    I type in my user name and password to log in,
    It gets to the Desktop then freezes. The CPU usage goes to 100% which makes it so slow i cant do anything!

    Can anybody help? Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.
  2. dopefisher

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  3. dgower2

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    Can you boot in safe mode? Use the F8 key (keep hitting it) as soon as windows starts to boot.
  4. apell

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    That is the same problem i have .. !!! it even got worse .. now it will not boot at all it keeps on asking me to insert boot diskette then when i do it gives me a A:>/ .. prompt and i dont know what to do .. i tried some advice form Rick but it still will not work any ideas ?
  5. Ben_tomlinson88

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    Apell, your problem is not the same as mine, mine loads to the desktop and then freezes, i think by what your telling me is that yours is freezing at the boot up stages.

    Mine runs XP fine, its just freezing when it gets to the desktop. Its not realli freezing as such, but the cpu usage goes right up and makes it so that i cant do anything.
  6. nellakita

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    when did your problem star how long ago did you try booting in safe mode and try to do a roll back (system restore)restore your system to an earlier time when it was working
  7. apell

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    Boot Problems

    well i actually think i need to do an " automated system restore" cause folowings Ricks advice i went in a step by step process and went to BIOS and repair and it says i need to do an ASR ..... but i do not have a disk ..
    the pc also indicates the registry maybe bad and "value start key" or something like that .. so how do get a disk to repair/restore ? buy one .............or make one ?
  8. techsavvy_prat

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    easy steps

    i might not solve this prob as a professional...but rather i wud tell u quiet easy procedure....i myself encountered this prob few days back...desktop freezin n all...wat i did simply was uninstall last installed program on my computer...n it was some antivirus...n u wont believe it was fixed i dont face it...i hope it may work for u either...jus giv it a try
  9. dopefisher

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    apell, if your comp is NOT custom built, i.e., bought from a store or manufacturer, then you should be able to call them up and get a disk for free if you are still in warranty. if not, then you have to pay like 15-20 bucks. (or pounds whatever that equals)
  10. nellakita

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  11. apell

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    Boot freeze

    Hello ! thanks for your help did not fix the problem but at least i managed to find out what exactly is wrong from the information you provided so now i can work on it ... system says ... "LOad needed for DLLS Kernel" and also ... cannot detect hard drive......
  12. apell

    apell TS Rookie Posts: 23


    Hello Nellakita !! thanks to your advice i have managed to fix the problem i am trying to back up .. how many disks do i need ? :giddy:
  13. nellakita

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    im not sure how many disks it will ask for but it will ask you to put in anouther disk when needed im thinking about two three not could be more or less let me know how many it uses id like to know for myself
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