Windows can't startup safe mode

By vanova
Feb 7, 2011
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  1. hello there

    caught bad virus! i don't know how that happened, i didn't download anything from internet..

    suddenly i have this fake anti spy-ware running.. (Spyware defender) which basically blocks all processes you try to run

    i tried to boot in safe mode, which i succeed i successfully located the fake program directory which is in Documents and Settings /aaaaaa/Application data / defender.exe

    i selected the "defender.exe" but instead of hitting the delete key i accidentally clicked Enter..then i run to the same problem... computer just freezes so i hit Reset button

    now, i can't either start up windows or safe mode...( all safe mode other options)

    when i start up windows normally it goes to where you see the windows logo with blue running dots ...then you see a brief Blue error screen and it goes in circle again

    it does the same with safe mode..but without seeing the blue error just stops and restart itself again and again...

    i tried recovery with windows xp cd .....nothing happened

    i tried with Hirens Boot CD 12.0... i did some virus scans and tests ...seems everything ok i even ran mini windows xp... but it's died slow , can't even get into C directory

    about my computer

    windows xp pro with sp3 with latest updates
    Avast as antivirus
    3 gig ram and 750 gig HD

    any help, is there anything else i can try to fix this

    thank you very much , any input in very much appreciated
  2. vanova

    vanova TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i think i fixed the problem

    i run again the Recovery CD

    i run fixboot : the bootsector is corrupt

    i run bootdfg /scan : Error failed maybe caused by corrupted file
    suggested to run CHKDSK

    run chkdsk : one or more file corrupted

    reboot in safe mode ( worked this time)

    deleted the Defender.exe

    restarted computer voila runs ok again

    i am not sure what i have done here or what is the problem...maybe someone can tell me what was the problem ??? or suggest something to avoid such things to happen again

    the source of the virus is from HVAC calculator i downloaded from internet
    thank you
  3. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Your download was infected. What other security software are you running besides Avast (excellent antivirus) and are you behind a router?

    Remember, even the very best in security software can be overridden by our internet habits/choices.

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