Windows does not recognise device my nokia 6233

By suzanne321
Dec 11, 2008
  1. hi there my heros,
    could any1 help me out?
    i've installed and uninstalled and reinstalled everything for my phone and nokia but windows says its an unknown device.
    its driving me mad.
    i bought a new cable thinking maybe its that but its not so please any1 that can tell what to do please i'm waiting to hear from u
  2. CombinationZero

    CombinationZero TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Plug in your phone then go to Start-->Right click on computer and select property's, Select the hardware tab then click device manager.

    In there a list should already be expanded to greet you with one or two devices having question marks on them, double click that device and it should tell you what the problem might be. Eg, Driver issue or registry error. Post here what it says. A Screen shot might help too.
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