Windows keep restarting without login, couldn't login even in those safe modes, help!

I tried to install win xp pro sp3, but didnt complete installation.
next time i start up it shows, choose ur OS
windows xp professional
windows xp professional installation
default is the later with 3 seconds delay time. I tried to change this by going to
My computer<Properties<Advanced<Startup and Recovery<Settings
There i select windows xp professional as the default one and by editing it delete the text that reads as "non-execute, xp professional installation", and save the text file then apply and Ok.

Next time i startup windows won't login, but it keeps on restarting.
Tried the safe modes, couldn't login either.
Tried using the XP pro CD to Repair windows but sadly i didn't have a recovery portion disks.
As a last resort i tried to install the OS from the cd, the result was even worse, as it shows an error message as
txtsetup.sif file missing, couldnt load setup..
I have no idea what else to do now, please help me out.