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Windows Mail in Windows 7

By terri13th
Jan 30, 2016
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  1. Can anyone tell me how to revive my Windows Mail, on a Windows 7 system, after losing ability to open it due to some November/December 2015 updates--my system restore points aren't back far enough. I've read about a couple suspect updates and removed them but still can't open Windows Mail at all, but the contents are all still there. I'm hoping there's still some diehard Windows Mail fans out there who refuse to let it go, or at least can tell me how to retrieve all of its contents!
  2. friendlyphil

    friendlyphil TS Rookie

    This is the tutorial I use:
    One of the updates probably changed your registry. You may only need to use the registry entry contained in some of the tutorial data to restore your WinMail. Good luck. Something similar happens to me on occasion and I have to re-enter some of the information.

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