Windows Media Player 11 won't play fullscreen

By Mark Fuller
Apr 14, 2011
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  1. I recently reformatted my os because of a virus. Now DVD's won't fill up the screen when I go into the full screen mode. There is a bar at the top and bottom of the screen. It also does it when streaming video from the internet in full screen mode.
  2. Zen

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    I understand that you recently killed off your hard drive and re-installed an O.S. But after the O.S. installation was complete, did we make sure that all the required video drivers were installed as well? Also seeing that you posted that this is about Windows Media Player, did you also go to a couple web sites and snooped around for some (codec) packages? Also you might want to go into Windows video setting, via the (display) or (display icon) in your (control panel) and see what your video settings are and maybe make the required adjustments.

    Just a thought..................good luck in your quest for the answer! :)
  3. Mark Fuller

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    I downloaded and installed the latest video driver from the Manufacturer's website, (HP) and uninstalled and reinstalled the same driver to see if it was corrupted. Ditto with the latest version of directx from microsoft. I've made changes to the video settings numerous times in accordance with instruction from roxio. I know that it will work because it did before reformat. I am at my wit's end. Any help would be appreciated.

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