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Windows running abnormally slow

By ae86trueno
Dec 4, 2008
  1. So the other day my computer started to run really slow, to the point where it had seemed to have just crashed, but after waiting for a few minutes it would do whatever i had try to do (such as starting firefox). As if the commands were lagging a ton. I tried to reboot my computer, however it is still running slow. It is to the point where it is unusable, meaning i can't get to any of my programs(chkdsk, disk defragger etc. this also means i can't backup my files either.) I tried booting in safe mode with no luck. I also tried checking all the connections, they were all fine.
    I get to the windows xp loading screen, which takes forever to finally get past (longer than usual). After that i get a black screen, after about 5-10 minutes it loads my background, and another 5-10 minutes i get my desktop icons.
    My setup should be in my profile, but i have no idea if my other hdd are having the same problems.
    Any help would be much appreciated as i would rather not spend my weekend reformatting my computer. Thanks!
  2. rmammen

    rmammen TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Have you run a full AV/AM scan in Safe Mode?

    Did you do this: "Use MSCONFIG and remove the bootlog option.

    Then click the Startup tab. Disable all but Windows services.

    Boot to Normal mode. You will then have to use MSCONFIG to selectively re-enable and test one entry at a time until the system again halts. You know know the last entry enabled is the culprit. Disable it again and remove the entry using Add/Remove programs. Re-enable the remaining disabled items using MSCONFIG."

    Also, you may find the following link helpful as it has everything laid out pretty clearly as to what to do:

  3. ae86trueno

    ae86trueno TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well, the problem is it actually runs too slow for it even to be usable. So i can't really do anything with it. It basically freezes during the start up, runs for a few seconds (and by run i mean i can move my mouse, the desktop itself usually remains frozen) and then completely freezes again.
    It does the same thing when i try booting in safe mode as well.
  4. ae86trueno

    ae86trueno TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just an update, i tried to run ubuntu and save my files on the hdd that my windows is installed to, but then ubuntu crashes whenever i try to get into that drive....crap.
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