Windows security update causes BSOD for some

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Feb 11, 2010
  1. The latest round of security updates from Microsoft seems to be causing more harm than good for some Windows XP users. According to several users complaining on a Windows forum, one of the updates from this month's Patch Tuesday is causing some computers to crash with the infamous "Blue Screen of Death."

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  2. Please help us!! We have experienced the Blue screen of death following an automatic 11 updates received from Microsoft last night on my husband's computer. There are many vital details on this computer that we need urgently for Sunday morning and we cannot access it through the Windows XP Professional CD, as it is a model that this does not support. We need someone who is competent and has the necessary understanding to talk us through getting this computer back running. Help. Please someone take pity on us and email us back on
    Thanks, Gillian
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    I read this post and started laughing. The irony of it is just too much.
  4. BSOD Help

    If you took a restore point and it's likely that the OS did that for you. I am assuming XP.

    Try starting in safe mode (when you boot press F8 continualy tap tap tap until you get a screen that lets you choose safe mode) after it boots use start menu help and choose restore and choose restore from the the restore point before your updates. I hope this helps.

    Best Regards Mark (
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  6. @ Guest at top.

    Call your local Geek Squad!
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    why is it I recieved a spam message this morning in my outlook junk inbox with the same message as per guest at top?
  8. Yeah, call Geek Squad if you want it totally hosed.
  9. Do you ever get the feeling that Microsoft wants Windows XP users to buy an upgrade?
  10. 1- for all those people out there saying "its just in ur head, nothings wrong with mine" youre lucky. alot of people told me i was just making it up, when the update royally screwed my pc..
    2- microsoft says theyll help, but beware, they will tell you its your fault, its a hardware issue, you need to take it to your manufacturer, or to a pc tech, and they will not pay, or theyll tell you the only reason the update messed up your pc, is because it was either infected with a virus, malware, spyware, adware.. (EVEN THOUGH IT WASNT"

    3- if youre one of those people out there, who's computer has crashed because the update, and it wont let you boot from disk. it wont give you that option, im sorry but you wont be able to save your pictures & files (unless you wanna pay $1200 or more).. but to at least have a running computer, im sorry but you wont get to have xp.. my computer had that problem.. and it wouldnt boot from the xp disk.. and i tried 10 different disks.. microsoft argued that it was hardware, or my fault.. or that the update messed up my pc due to malware & etc.. i argued with them.. the guy was a paki, who decided to tell me to speak english, even though he couldnt speak a lick of english. so he argued, and called me a ***** and then hungup on me.. so microsoft isnt really helpful..

    ANYWHO.. those who cant boot from disk to correct the problem.. the only choice is to either A) throw your pc out in the trash.. or B) load vista or 7 on it.. its the only way youll get it to work.. im sorry but its true.. i couldnt load xp.. at all.. but vista and 7 works.. i wish i could give good news.. but.. im sorry... thats the only option i know of..

  11. you could always disconnect/remove the hard drive and using another hard drive install windows, then once windows is installed reconnect the original hard drive but boot from the new window install hard drive. once up in windows you can copy what data the old hard drive had on it then reformat that old drive to use for what ever you want. That's assuming the data hasn't been trashed, just the operating system on it was thrashed.
  12. These updates destroyed my computer. I just loaded a series of Windows updates and next thing I know -- BSOD. My computer wouldn't even start in safe mode. It was a disaster. I spent nine hours on the phone with tech "support," got disconnected twice, the technicians refused to let me speak to a supervisor, and none of them knew what they were doing. One actually laughed and said, "Oh yeah, this is happening to a lot of people." In the end, I had to reinstall the entire operating system, and lost all my files and programs. I will never, ever buy a PC again. What an absolute disgrace.
  13. Hi everyone,

    Apologies for posting anonymously I am in a bit of a rush here. Just a simple piece of useful information. If you are running any operating system that ceases to work, if its a software related issue, simply try running a LINUX OS off a live CD (Such as Ubuntu 9.04* - there are some video display incompatibilities in 9.10) . I recently had a co-worker that had a great deal of data to recover off an infected laptop that couldn't pass the windows start screen and wouldnt accept a windows repair disc. If you run it live, you can open up any of your folders and copy any files you want onto some removeable media. I recovered ALL of her files, 1.5 TB approx. in 20 mins. Caution *** VIRUS scan the files before you put it on another computer!!! The files you want may be Infected, hence you had the issue in the first place. Thats all for now folks.

    *Ubuntu is a FREE, OPEN SOURCE Operating system, you can even browse the web without installing anything on your computer, I recently formatted my computer, I was surfing the internet on Firefox WHILE loading Ubuntu onto my computer. If all you do is check email, surf the net, listen to music and watch movies this OS is for you. (With a very minimal learning curve requirement).
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