Windows Spotlight not working and more


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I'll try to shorten the context as much as I can: I was concerned that my (Windows 11) computer was infected with a virus. I posted on the malware forum and things were going smoothly until I used a program to clean up all the other programs we installed through checking for them. My searchbar would close as soon as it loaded, was not connected to the internet despite having connection, and no apps would load - I think the program deleted some kind of important file. With no other option I restarted my computer and was greeted with a message that my computer could not be fixed successfully. I was unable to boot the laptop into safe mode either, so I was forced to reset everything.

Everything seemed okay, but now my Spotlight option for my lock screen does not work. I have navigated to the Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager folder and there are no files in the LocalState/Assets folder, nor the Settings folder.

I am worried that Windows may have not installed correctly on my reset. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Starting to consider just moving on to Linux if I can't fix it because it's so stressful :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: Any help is appreciated!
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