Windows start-up msg (AS3-CTRKEA-SR) & Folder Options in a weird language

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Apr 18, 2008
  1. Operating System : Windows XP SP2
    Anti-virus : NOD 32

    Since the last few weeks I have been getting a message saying "Maybe your system not full patch. System still safe. PATCH CODE : AS3-CTRKEA-SR" when windows starts-up (just after the Welcome splash-screen... there is only one option, to click on OK and then Windows loads normally...

    Previously when brousing i used to get a pop-up saying "Indonesian Smile- and your computer is safe", but after a lot of R&D to fix this problem I got the pop-up to stop appearing (but only that pop-up problem has stopped)

    Also when i try to open my disk drives like C:/ it gives me an error "Loading script 'C:\.ms32dll.dll.vbs' failed (Access is denied) have to access it by entering the drive letter in the address bar...

    Furthermore the 'View' the tab in 'Folder Options' has some weird language and I can't unhide any files now...

    I would have done a clean reinstallation of Windows but i just have one HDD with almost 200gb full of data and nowhere to back it up...

    ...Any Solution???

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  2. jimjams

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    Seems like some kind of infection

    One of the experts will look at it on here
  3. Bobbye

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  4. lonerider

    lonerider TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tried to edit the atlest the Windows start-up msg has stopped appearing when i restart...but the folder option language is still whack...and i feel my system is still running slow, so the bug must be still there... long does it take the experts to reply on an average?...and is this the correct forums or shud i post this somewhr else???...

  5. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    As previously recommended:

    "I advise you to re-post in the Security Forum, following the instructions on: "

    There is a malware cleaning process that involves more than just posting the hijackthis log. The sooner you follow it, the sooner you will get help. This forum is to handle Windows OS, not malware- that's what the Security Forum is for.

    We are all volunteers here. Questions and problems are handled in a timely manner.
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