Windows Vista freezes during boot

By freeburg
Nov 13, 2008
  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new here and have a problem with my home computer that goes to a black screen within 15 to 20 seconds after "windows loading file" white bar appears. hard drive light still flickers and shows activity but absolutly nothing will allow me to get past the black screen. I have let it run for two days and it never went past the black screen. no command prompt, cursor, or anything but black screen. same thing happens with trying to boot in safe mode, as well as "repair computer" options and any other programs listed through pressing f8. the computer is a presario sr5113wm with a amd x64 athelon x2 running vista home basic, sata hdd. i did not make a recovery disk and the computer did not come with any vista disk. trouble happened after downloading the latest drivers from the windows vista download site a couple months ago.

    i had a upgrade copy of windows xp home from another computer so i intsalled an old 8gig harddrive on the open ide port on the motherboard (asus m2n68-la) and installed only the xp upgrade on that harddrive. it loaded fine and became the main OS. The compaq vista drive showed up as the slave drive and i can see all the vista files. i was able to drag and drop all my user and personal files over from vista to the xp drive. i can also see the vista "recovery drive" which shows no files in it yet clicking "propeties" shows it contains 7.36 gigs of data. Under windows xp in the hardware device manager it shows problems under the hardware listing "other devices" and then lists "driver not intaslled code 28" with hardware: (other pci bridge devices, pci device, sm bus controller, video controller (vga compatable). i don't wish to lose windows vista if possible. is there anyway i can delete the bad vista drivers manually and install the new ones? i will have to do it through xp because it will not boot directly into vista. i have internet access on another computer if I need to download anything. thank you for any help you can give!
  2. Pnut13

    Pnut13 TS Rookie

    Hi there -
    Has anyone replied with a fix?
    I am new here & joined as I am having the same prob with my Vista. I never had the prob, then it seems it started after an update, then another update fixed it & now after ANOTHER update it is doing it again. It just keeps freezing on the white start up bar & I have to reboot 3-4 times to get anywhere. Am a student so am getting quite frustrated as I have only had the PC since July.
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