Windows Vista not booting

By capco
Nov 4, 2009
  1. I was busy this past weekend doing things outside of my home. I left my computer on standby/hibernate/sleep over the weekend and came back to it this morning. I moved the mouse, etc to get the computer out of hibernate and the monitor (also asleep) didn't wake up. The computer fans started to run so I knew the computer was trying to do it's thing. But the monitor read "No Signal"

    I had a similar symptom to a different problem maybe 6 months ago. That problem (fried PCI-E slot) ended up in me replacing the motherboard. Since that replacement, the computer has worked fine, until today.

    Just to make sure that it wasn't the same problem again, I waited at the computer until the Windows welcome noise came and went. But it never came! After Windows boots, you should be able to at least press scroll lock or caps lock (even if you can't see the screen because of graphics card troubles or whatever) and they should flash their respective lights on and off. However, no matter how long I wait, these keys remain inactive, which is why I think my computer isn't starting altogether.

    Specs off-hand:
    hp pavillion 7790e
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    2.6 Ghz processor
    2Gb RAM
    nvidia 9500 GT
    and a new mobo that I don't recall (Asus something)

    Thanks in advance. Please ask if you want anything cleared up; I may have written things confusingly.
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