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Windows Vista+XP Toshiba Sattelite Issue

By rapzkilla
Jul 11, 2008
  1. Hi Guys

    I stumbled accross a problem that i can not solve in a timely manner. It all started whne i took my friends laptop in for downgrade. He was having issues with vista at the time. The laptop will show a quick blue screen and shut down.. I wiped vista off the Drive by using Wipe Drive and then I laughed the windows xp CD. Well it gave me a screen saying "no hard disk found" I immediately went to intell and downloaded the SCI/RAID DRIVERS. I have no floppy so i used a program to extract files from the floppy image and made a slipstream version of XP with nLite. I ran Windows XP again and it detected the Hard Drive, so I formated to NTFS Fille System. I installed XP and everything went well, but when Windows started for the first time, it got a quick blue screen and went off. LOL now i was mad but i kept my cool. I decided to return the system back to windows Vista. Ofcourse more problems lol. After Vista installs and gets to the point were it is "finalizing the installtion" It shuts the laptop down and when i turn it on, iot says "windows can not proceed because your system was shut down unexpectedly durring setup" Oh boi i was MAD lol but i still kept my cool. I booted into command prompt with Vista DVD and Ran "bootrec.exe /FixBoot /MBR . It said "Operation successfully Completed. Then I ran Format c: and it formated teh Drive. I restarted and ran Vista OS and the installation process did the same thing. So i decided to take a different aproach and ran Chkdsk /r and it ran for 1 hour. It replaced severall Clusters on the HDD. I said oh boi i had alot of errors. I restarted and ran windows installation again and same issue. LOL I am using the first VISTA CD Minus SP1. However since his laptop is a Toshibal A205-57442 . My last result is to download a Windows Vista OS with SP1 Intergrated. I am currently doing that -_-. However I am not sure if it will work and it will take a while to Download. So if any of you feel that i am missing something that i havnt tried and know how to solve this, I will be most greatfull. This is beyond my expertise.

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    You're going to need Vista drivers for all the on-board components from Toshiba.
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