Windows will not load properly on new HDD

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Jul 15, 2012
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  1. I have a Gateway Notebook that I baught in 2010. it has a first gen I3 processor with 4 gigabytes of shared memory for a video processor. My 500 gig hdd stopped running properly and it was failing every diagnostic test so I bought a new one. The first one that I bought was a 7200 rpm drive, then I tried a 5400 rpm SATA drive with a 8 mb buffer.

    I inserted my first factory recovery disk that I made when I first bought the computer and everything worked right, it installed both disks and was installing windows. After the disks finished installing and the computer went through 2 more screens with progress bars for installing the computer would reset and try to start windows to finish the set up, when windows was starting it would say windows is installing files, once that was done and ERROR screen would pop up with no ERROR code but it would say that the setup process can not continue because windows can not load on this computer hardware. when I reset the computer the ERROR message pups up again but now will say Windows can not complete the installation process, please restart the installation. I re tried this 4 times now with 2 different HDD.

    If any one has any suggestions on what to do, I feel lost now, HELP!
  2. Zen

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    I might not be right here, but per your little story, the only significant red flag for me that stands out is the difference in hard drive speeds. Your original hard drive, the one that came stock was a 7200 RPM, you replaced it with a 5400 RPM hard drive. And when you say that you have now tried this process of installing Windows 4 times and you did it with 2 different hard drives, I'm suspecting you try'd it with the original stock hard drive, and the new one, making two hard drives total that you've now try'd this on. I know some computer systems can be ultra picky about accepting vast changes with component speed, sometimes systems are setup propitiatory in nature. Maybe the changes in hard drive speeds off set the balance of something.

    Again I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time, but my gut is telling that the changes in hard drives speeds means something!
  3. mike1959

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    Hi, I would think the Windows version as was installed by Gateway, (and the recovery partition/ recovery disc) will be a 'tuned' version made for the pc as built, with all drivers and settings for that spec, that is an OEM version.
    So that when a change is made to the hardware, such as hard drive or video card, the hardware is now 'wrong' as far as that version of Windows is concerned. If you could get it to work to any extent, then it may fail the validation test with MS as now the part numbers are different to the activated version.
    What would work, is to buy a new Windows operating system disc, with fresh product key, and activate that on your new set-up.(!)
    You would then have to get the correct drivers from Gateway, then graphic card driver from nvidia/AMD plus any others needed. ('Drivereasy' program would be good there.)
    I have a Dell 5150 (2007) and run into the same problems. I bought a full Windows 7 HP disc the first week it was out, to save myself any more trouble.
    (You could install a free Linux distro to test out your pc, that it all works now.)
  4. Cobalt006

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    Mike is right, The os your using now was for the old hard drive. Gateway and Hp plus Dell code their windows for each model they make. There is a work around if you call their techs, I did on my old Hp when I replaced its hard drive. But at the cost of using their techs is unreal. If you are out of warranty . You are better off buying a new win 7 with your own key .As Mike suggested.
  5. confused_techy

    confused_techy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for the suggestion. Luckily I work with some body who has a WIN 7 that he still has 2 more computers he can install the KEY on, I will try that first, Thank you again guys

    Well now this raises another question, I have all my files, Pics, Music, Movies are all backed up on a seagate drive which I cloned the old hard-drive. But if the old version of windows wont work with the new hard drive when I want to recover my files after I install a new WIN 7, should I just pick and choose what I want instead of doing a full recovery.
  6. Cobalt006

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    If I understand what you are saying. After you install the new set of windows on your new hard drive. You are asking if you should pick and choose what files you want off your old hard drive. Instead of a full recovery. If it were me I would just choose the files and stuff I wanted from the old hard drive . Then transfer them to my new drive. Hope this helps.

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