Windows work great but it wan't post after left off for the night

By zelig880
Feb 21, 2011
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  1. dear all,

    my computer specification are:

    cpu: athlon phenom x4 9850
    Motherboard: MSI 7388 (k9a2 neo 2)
    psu: Coolmaster 460watt
    ram: 4gb corsair (2x2gb)
    video card: Ati radeon hd 5750 (1gbddr5)

    my knowledge with computers are quite advanced, and i am always been able to fix everything by miself.

    This time the problem is a big different, first of all because i havent got any spare part to check which part is broken, and i have never encounted the problem before.

    My computer worked fine for ages ( 2 year), two weeks ago, i have bought a new graphic card ( the one listed above) and after installing it i had no problem at all....

    after a week on using the pc and new graphic card by playing games ( still no problem, just some reset of games but nothing else), i started to have the problem.

    After i switch the computer offf in the night it will not post in the morning, no BEEPS, n charging notjhing at all.

    The best way to let everything start is taking the bios memory off, the ram everything, and when it starts properly it will then work alll day, with just one two case in which it will reset himself!!!

    the psu work fine with good level of voltage, i have tested the ram with the software offered by microsoft, unfortunately i can use another video card, because i have sold the old one! I have updated the bios and all other driver to the latest possible.

    During the test of the memory ram i encounted problem in test 7 , but after i changed the slot i had no more problem, and i have redone the test over 10 times with no problem/

    I would like to know if any of you got any idea!!! can it be windows for any chance? i dont think because i doesnt even post, and in that moment windows is not ever read.


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