Windows xp and vista coexisting on the same computer?

By alwyzdreamin04
Aug 2, 2007
  1. So I built this computer to sell. ITs got core 2 duo e4400, a decent graphics card, 160 gb hdd, and a 20x dvdrw drive(and a bunch of pretty lights on the case). Well, i realized i wasn't going to make any money off of it, so I'm gonna sell my other computer, which is just as new as this one, but will sell better. Well, the other one has windows xp on it, and this one has Vista. Is there anyway to combine my hard drives together(yes i know, master and slave) but keeping xp on the other one just long enough to transfer all my files to this computer? ANd maybe keep the hard drive in there so I have a 240 GB hd? And be able to access them.

    I figured since this had to do with windows this was the right board, but now im wondering if hardware is the right board. Sorry if this is the wrong one. But any info let me know.
  2. raybay

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    It is easy to do, but not so easy to do when you are combining two drives that are already setup as single installs. There are features and instructions in VISTA, and at Microsoft, but you will find it works smoothly if you use something like Acronis.
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