Windows XP BSOD after installing NetFrameworks 1.1 - not sure what to do

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Oct 30, 2009
  1. Hi guys;

    I recently installed net frameworks 1.1 on my windows xp installation (SP2) and suffered a bsod roughly 20-30 minutes later.

    I can't say for sure if thats what caused the bsod but it's the only change i've made in weeks.

    I was not prompted for a required restart after installing so I continued on w/o concern. Short time later while ebaying i Blue screend, and have been unable to start windows in any form.

    (Normally, Last known good config, safe mode (networking or command prompt))

    BSOD Error reads

    Technical Information:
    *** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xB84C642c, 0xB84C6128, 0xB8338E3C)
    *** sfsync02.sys - Address B8338E3C base at B8338000, DateStamp 41b03df9

    in understand 024 indicates NTFS issue (or possibly failing harddisk)
    not sure about the sfsync02.sys? read up something about starforce protection system for games, also mentions possible links to virius's/spyware/ or something of the like?

    So far i've tried:

    *Running system restore through recovery console using windows Xp disc
    - backing up and copying system, software, sam, security, and default to
    \windows\system32\config folder
    *Running ckdsk on windows installation drive (c:) standard, /p and /r
    - NOTE : /p on first run found one error (i assume corrected it) but still bsod
    *Setting bios to defaults (heard this may fix some issues.)

    I have not tried:

    *Via recovery console (xp disc) using fixmbr / fixboot as I am afraid of taking the wrong coarse of action and furthing hampering my repairing the issue.

    Altho If I could make backups of the boot.ini or mbr files i'd give it a try.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much!

    -a currently unlucky,
    lucky dummy
  2. luckydummy

    luckydummy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I considered using XP Disc to do a Repair of windows installation but heard I could lose some documents/files.

    I'm not concerned for mos to my files, save my pictures from vacations, family, friends, and the like.

    Could this possibly be the way to go?
  3. luckydummy

    luckydummy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone? really at wits end here.
  4. luckydummy

    luckydummy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Located sfsync02.sys file on system32 drivers. I read here

    that removing said file may prove a solution;
    however upon deleting it (after making a backup elsewhere) i noted a new BSOD code ( 0x0000007E)

    upon replacing the file, i'm back where I started with 0x00000024 and sfsync02.sys

    any help would be Greatly Appreciated.


  5. LookinAround

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    You should start by upgrading to SP3! but be wise and backup all your stuff first and make sure you have lots of disk space free (a few gig)

    /* edit */
    And run Custom Updates and be sure you install any hardware optional updates as well
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