Windows XP freezes on boot screen, can't press any keys

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Nov 23, 2008
  1. Last week Sunday night, I was shutting down my PC, but it froze on the "Windows is shutting down..." screen. I had to resort to using the power button to turn it off. The next night, it did the same thing... and the next night after...

    Then, on Wednesday afternoon when I attempted to turn it on, it froze on the boot screen where it says the computer company (in my case: HP), F10=Recovery, etc. My computer fan is really loud and I could hear it starting on, then turning off... starting on, then turning off... and so on while the computer was frozen at the boot.

    I'm not able to push F10 or F8 or whatever to activate safe mode or anything else.

    Can anyone help me? There's a LOT of files on it that I need.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. kimsland

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  3. Infusions

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    Okay, so I opened the computer up and could see that the fans were dusty. I used a compressed air can on them to clean out some of the dust. I closed it back up, plugged back in the monitor and power cord, and tried to boot it up.

    Like before, the fan goes loud, then soft... then loud... then soft again...

    But then instead of freezing, it proceeded onto starting up! I was excited for a moment... until I realized that my mouse and keyboard wasn't plugged in and I needed to turn off the PC. When I tried to boot it up once again, the same ole' problem before happened again. :(

    BUT! I did notice one thing upon it turning off. I heard 2 different types of beeps and then the tower went silent, like it was off, but with lights still on. The screen still showed the "Windows is shutting down..." like before.

    I'm not sure if leaving it off for about an hour helped, or cleaning the fan a bit helped. Any idea?

    What should I do next?
  4. kimsland

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    Well that's progress :)

    It's definitely a power issue, either:
    The power supply
    Motherboard circuitry

    Clean with "circuit board cleaner" ( all components detached, and m\b out) leave to dry for a day or so
    Possibly replace the PowerSupply, or addon Video card (if you are using one)
    Put back together
  5. Infusions

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    I think it might be the power supply, I dunno. How much would getting it replaced cost?

    Also, I tried doing what I did before that made it turn on that one time. No luck now... :(

    Would that CMOS reset do anything at all? Just wondering.

    I really needed this file one for tonight.
  6. kimsland

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    Yes I hope you have reset the CMOS
    Also disoerse the voltage again
    Even unplug the 24pin big power plug and then plug it back in (again)
  7. Infusions

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    24pin big power plug? Sorry, I'm only 15 and I'm not THAT computer educated haha.

    I just have to take the battery out of the motherboard right? Then set it back in? For the CMOS I mean.

    EDIT: I just took out the battery fro awhile then put it back in. No change.
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