Windows XP Home "Access Denied" Catch 22 Safe Mode ?

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Aug 6, 2009
  1. Hello fellas,
    I have windows XP home edition for my personal PC and I have full admin rights as far as I can tell. I'm trying to load a driver for a firewire based audio card. When I plug the hardware into the FW connection it detects and finds the driver for it as normal but when it tries to complete the final installation of the driver it says "Access Denied".
    So I've been doing my cyber civic duty and researching this first before posting a thread. I have found info on how to apply permissions in regedit but to no avail. I can't use the admin in safe mode for this operation because safe mode won't load the damn FW drivers to read the hardware. It's like a catch 22 or something. I've never had issues loading drivers or software before. Any advice on how to cheat the system here or maybe load FW drivers in safe mode?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Bobbye

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    It's not a good idea to use acronyms or appreciations when asking a question:

    So my questions is:
    1. Does FW mean firmware?
    2. Does FW mean Firewire?

    If by chance it's both> firmware driver for Firewire: drivers for a Belkin firewire (IEEE 1394) PCI card, that would be here:〈=1&mode=

    or the manual ( page 10 ) which can be downloaded here says the OS will choose the correct driver with the New Hardware Wizard.

    I'm going to get another cup of coffee- I confuse easily!
  3. chess999

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    sorry, FW is firewire in all cases. I think the ultimate solution to my dilemna would be to able to load firewire drivers in safemode if there is a way to do this. otherwise I somehow need to figure out what permissions I'm not being granted in normal mode under my admin account that are disallowing the driver to load up. any ideas?
  4. Bobbye

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    That was a real dunce question, wasn't it?! But I had to ask because terminology makes the difference.

    Try running one of these policy programs- see if one resolves the permission problem:
    It is a Policy Controller program written by Rathat to remove certain restrictions on XP systems often disabled by malware.

    • 1Download and save it to your desktop.
    • 2Extract (unzip) the file to the desktop.
    • 3Double-click on RatsCheddar.exe to launch the tool.
    • 4Select Enable for everything listed, then click Exit.
    • 5Restart your computer.
    Warning: This program was developed for Windows XP ONLY. Do not run this program in any
    other Operating System.


    FixPolicies.exe from Bill Castner:

    • 1Download FixPolicies by Bill Castner and save to your desktop
    • 2Double click on FixPolicies.exe to run it.
    • 3Click on Install. It will create a folder named FixPolicies on your desktop.
    • 4Open the FixPolicies folder.
    • 5Double click on Fix_policies.cmd to run it. Command Prompt will open and close quickly; this is normal.
  5. chess999

    chess999 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks, I'll give it a shot....
  6. Bobbye

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    You're welcome. Let me know how you do.
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