Windows XP installation errors

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Dec 8, 2008
  1. I was installing Windows XP Home on a computer. During the installation it would give messages that certain files could not be installed (skipped those - bad, right). I walked away during the installation and my dad "helped" so now there are even bigger problems.
    1) when booting up system it gives the following error message:
    0x000006B (0x00000034,0x00000002,0x00000000,0x00000000)
    2) tried to boot from CD but it will not allow me to reinstall Windows. (Keeps going back to above error).
    I'm not sure how to correct this error. I can't get into dos mode to try to begin with any corrections there.
    Can anyone help me? I'm at a complete loss. I am "frozen" on the error message screen without any known options.
  2. Laeion

    Laeion TS Rookie

    Your hardware does not support Windows XP because if you had 0x000006B, you should still be able to boot from CD.

    However, if you ARE able to boot from the reinstallation CD, you need to,
    1. Press R at the "Welcome to Setup" screen
    2. Press R again at the Repair Options screen to run the emergency repair process
    3. Then, press M (Manual Repair Process)
    4. Select only the Verify Windows 2000 system files option.
    5. When you are prompted for an emergency repair disk, press ENTER if you have the disk. If not, press L to let Setup search your hard disk. When Setup locates the Windows 2000 installation, press ENTER to repair it.
    6. While the file system check is ongoing, wait a few minutes
    7. When you are prompted to repair files, press A to repair all files.

    Then, reboot
  3. JeannieC

    JeannieC TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tried to have it reboot from the CD yet I can't get it to do that. Any suggestions?


    if you booted of the CD before then maybe you need to format the hd with a win 98 boot floppy or another method like the UBCD4WIN (google it)
  5. JeannieC

    JeannieC TS Rookie Topic Starter

    please explain in details the method I am get to the point where I can get to a dos prompt since the system currently goes directly into the system error. I am not familar much with Windows XP to know how to get to the point where I can correct the problems. (BTW the hard drive did at one time did have XP as OS but it won't allow me to return to the previous installed version.) Thank you
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