Windows XP - Internet Explorer not opening dvd drive

By ostilad
Feb 4, 2009
  1. "bow"
    great sensais i have me a problem.when i put in cd o dvd in my dvd drive it 1. doesn't do the auto run 2. it does show the name of the dvd o cd in the "E" drive but when u try and double click the dvd drive icon it just looks as if it bout to open then jumps to the next icon like my "C" Drive but doesn't show the data in the dvd o cd.3.using windows media player to open the cd drive music o a movie will play but of course other data i can't view.even other software such as Nero,VLC,Power dvd will open the cd i can't basically view data cds or dvds such as game cds.:blackeye:what is the problem??"BOW" :confused:
  2. raybay

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    I assume you mean Windows Explorer, rather than Internet Explorer.

    Optical drives such as the CD-Drive, CD-RW, DVD, and DVD-RW are terribly failure prone, and when they fail you often have problems such as you describe. If your drive is over a year old, or if it is heavily used for games, burning, copying, and reading disks, it might only last 6 or 7 months. Some things can be repaired by installing firmware.
    First thing you do is get the information off the drive as to brand and model from the lable on top of the drive, then check the manufacturer's web site for possible firmware updates. Download and install the firmware. Then, blow out any dust and lint with canned air to make sure the drive is clean, but DO NOT touch the lense.
    If those suggestions do not work, it is better to find a replacement than to attempt a repair.
    We recommend Pioneer, Plextor, LiteOn, LG, and Samsung, while avoiding HP, HLDS, Sony, Sony NEC, ASUS, and Acer... but choose a brand easily available in Zambia.
    Sorry my news is not better. Perhaps someone else will have a better recommendation.
  3. ostilad

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    great dvd drive is a Lightscribe writemaster,dvd multireader,RW dvd +R.DL.does anybody know mhere i can get updates for this?"BOW"
    P.S:will look for model number.
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