Windows XP startup problem (black screen)

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Dec 30, 2004
  1. rkstaggers

    rkstaggers TS Rookie

    Blank Screen Fix

    After several weeks of dealing with the same issue, I did a little research. I could get to the WIN XP screen and then nothing. Just blank.
    I could start up in safe mode. So on some advice I found online,I went to Device Manager and deleted the driver for the Nvidia ASUS GX7800 I had and rebooted. Up and running fine. I will need to reload the device, but I'm up and running for now.
  2. advancechao

    advancechao TS Rookie

    I also believe that this topic requires more attention. Same problem here; I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with an ATI Radeon x300 graphics card. Starting up in safe mode yields only a long string of commands that looks like


    over and over again. It's really annoying. The last line is always "...Drivers\Mup.sys". I can boot safe mode just fine my Dell Latitude D600. (Too bad it's 10x worse).

    And trying to boot in VGA mode does the same thing as normal boot. First there is the Windows XP loading screen, and then I can hear the startup music and everything; I even opened an program by randomly clicking.

    By the way, I happen to know the exact cause of my problem. In this case, it was just my stupidity. I was trying to update my graphics drivers (since it's been outdated for years) and I had to uninstall everything related to ATI. Then, I went into Properties > Display > Advanced > Drivers. When I saw the only graphics card being VGA Save, I accidentally clicked Disable and then the computer restarted, giving me the dumb black screen problem. Is there a way to enable it again using keyboard shortcuts? :)

    EDIT: For some reason, Dell did not include the Windows XP Installation Disk so I can't exactly reinstall or rollback unless I borrow from someone else. And the version I own is Windows XP Media Center Edition.
  3. rkstaggers

    rkstaggers TS Rookie

    If you did not receive an instalation disk, check the D drive

    I'm sure you can find the drivers somewhere on line. Where is your restore drive? If you did not receive an instalation disk, check the D drive.

    And make sure you make a copy of your D drive if the drive fries on you or you will be out of a restore option.
  4. MaverickScot

    MaverickScot TS Rookie

    Same same.

    I have very similar problems too that has just appeared.

    My second PC has been working fine for years but was starting to get a little bloated and slow so I thought time for a reformat and install again. Big mistake.

    I reinstalled Windows XP then installed the Via motherboard drivers followed by the Nvidia drivers. Once I had installed the video drivers and rebooted I would get the windows XP loading screen but when it was time for the desktop to appear nothing but a black, blank screen. The monitor doesn't go into standby there for I'm assuming the video card is till supplying an image all be it black.

    So being a smart Ar*e I thought I would use older video drivers for the Nvidia card. So re-format, re-install via drivers and old Nvidia drivers. Now I get something like Nvidia can not find drivers to support your hardware. This is weird as these drivers were the ones that were originaly installed. If I don't install the drivers for the video card windows correctly identifies my video card with there generic drivers.

    I have tried with complete reinstall of windows every time:-

    Windows SP1
    Windows SP2 (latest updates)
    Latest and original supplied Via motherboard drivers (Which uased to work)
    Latest and original Nvidia drivers.

    I have taken the graphic card out blew the AGP socket and re-seated the card (Just in case). I have nothing overclocked. I have checked refresh rates in case it was the monitor that couldn't handle the image but this was found to be ok. The strange thing is I can always get into safe mode which suggests it's a driver issue. I have reset the Bios/Cleared it. Change the setting from first boot to AGP from PCI and back and I have changed the AGP Gate for 256Mb to 64Mb and back without success.

    I have tried other things but can't remember what as I have been at this for weeks now.

    Any ideas that I have not tried?

    System Spec
    CPU 1.2Ghz Athlon
    Abit KT7A-Raid Motherboard
    768Mb 168pin Dimm (512Mb + 256Mb)
    Nvidia FX5900xt 256Mb Graphics Card
    Creative DVD Rom
    TDK CD writer
    20Gb Seagate PATA Harddrive
  5. larko12

    larko12 TS Rookie

    help stuck on black screen

    I have an iBuyPower CZ-7 Ultra (random I know) with an intel core 2 duo processor, 512mb nvidia 8600gt vc, 2gb ddr2-667 ram, and 120GB 5400 rpm S-ATA HDD. And oh yeah... its running on Vista...I was working on my laptop the other night and it locked up on me so I restarted it and I cannot get past the first screen. It is completely black and has an intel logo in the bottom right with options to run setup, boot menu, or show post screen. When i try to execute these options nothing happens, it is frozen. This computer is barely 10 days old and I have no idea why it would be acting up now. I had not done anything to my laptop in the recent days before this failure. Any help or explanations would be most appreciated. Sorry I posted this in the wrong thread, but this was the one closest to my problem only I have Windows Vista.
  6. anhsangdoitoi

    anhsangdoitoi TS Rookie

    I don't know if my problem is a little different. I have a gateway laptop ( it is 450Rog) when I log in OS everything working fine except the LCD is balck and I tried to connect to an external monitor it shows positive.. So please anyone help..!
  7. anhsangdoitoi

    anhsangdoitoi TS Rookie

    Hi ! I found my problem may the same .. I did connect to an external monitor and it works fine .. Can u tell me what to do next to avoid black screen on my original LCD monitor..

    my is gateway laptop 450rog
    running winXP Pro
  8. anhsangdoitoi

    anhsangdoitoi TS Rookie

    Hi ! I found my problem may the same .. I did connect to an external monitor and it works fine .. Can u tell me what to do next to avoid black screen on my original LCD monitor..

    my is gateway laptop 450rog
    running winXP Pro
  9. koosie11erink

    koosie11erink TS Rookie

    old video card


    I have an old videocard, a
    ATI PN 109-49800-11 ATI 3D Rage Pro Turbo AGP 8MB
    and I'm soon getting a new Dell XPS 420 with a Nvidia 8800GT video card. The computer has two video slots. Is it possible to put the old card in to or will it slow the other videocard (or the pc) down?
  10. MaverickScot

    MaverickScot TS Rookie

    I have managed to narrow down my problem to the VIA Chipset driver would you believe. If I run my PC with everything installed it works, but when I install the driver it works once or twice but once the PC has been powered off over night say, then black screen. I then have to reinstall everything or system restore as the VIA driver cannot be uninstalled. I'm now heading to the VIA forums.
  11. hramos86

    hramos86 TS Rookie

    HELP! I have the same problem

    Windows goes blank after Startup. I've tried almost everything. My issues is somewhat similar. When I "start windows normally" it goes black after the startup windows logo, when i select "last know good configuration" it goes black, when I start safe mode it works as well as all the others. Ive tried manipulating so many things to the point where im ready to send my cpu to a tech, please someone help!
  12. Bruno Henrique

    Bruno Henrique TS Rookie

    I Can Have Solved My Problem

    Hi guys,i´m new here....i´ve registered just to try to help who are with the same problem that i´m dealing by mounths(the black screen after windows startup) and i finaly think i solved this.
    So,I have a Radeon x1550 and i use the Catalyst Control Center.
    On the Display Options i changed the 3D Refresh Rate Override to ->"Same as Desktop" and in the Monitor Properties 1 in the monitor atribute i enabled the "Use extended display Identification Data (EDID) or driver defaults" and changed the "maximumrefresh rate" to 60Hz.
    After doing that click in Apply and restart the computer to see if it is works.
    For the ones who don´t have an ATI graphic card,try to find some option that allows that some full screen applications operate with the same refresh rate the desktop is using (60Hz).

    I hope i´m helping you guys.Sorry for my english(i´m form Brazil,lol)
  13. thompan

    thompan TS Rookie

    USB units or ActiveSync units.

    This problem can also be caused by active-sync units, USB-units or other plugged in gadgets. Try to disconnect these if you have any and try again. If it works, then you can plug them in one at a time and retry to see which one that is causing this.
    When you find which one - uninstall it and reinstall with the latest drivers etc and hopefully it works as usual again.
  14. Here's my story..

    I did a clean XP install, everything worked all good. Then I downloaded Service pack 2, and when I tried to reboot I got the infamous black screen. I hadn't installed any other driver or program other than sp2. Safe mode worked allright. I reinstalled the latest video card drivers (nvidia), rebooted and still the black screen. Back to safe mode, removed the Nvidia drivers, and went to bed (I had been busy with it all night and couldn't keep my eyes open..) So the next day I fire up the computer and voila, no problemo at all. I know it sounds really weird but this is what happened to me.. Right now my computer is still on ever since that one reboot because I'm afraid that, if I reboot again, I'll get the black screen again :)

  15. z0ne81

    z0ne81 TS Rookie

    Windows XP starts then one day BLACK SCREEN

    As I have read on here many people have has the same issue I’ve had I didn't read through the whole post but I know I looked for days with no help or luck. So I started troubleshooting myself and I was able to determine what was the problem with my Windows XP was. I had a registry error and I simply did a scan and bam issue resolved. I used a free program I got from and the program is called Abexo. But that’s no the only registry scanner out there. Just be careful some programs will just be ads that scan your computer and say if you want to fix please buy! Abexo free version will scan and allow you to remove error's in the registry. Just be careful to read what you are removing!!!

    Hope that little rant was helpful!!! it worked for me and hopefully it will work for you too... good luck!
  16. nickmarker

    nickmarker TS Rookie

    My God!!, Brad you've saved me alot of time and money, I was even going as far as performing a BIOS recovery. Checking the pin should be the first place to start if youre experiencing the xp startup problem (black screen) on a laptop. Thanks a Million!!!!
  17. kurenois

    kurenois TS Rookie

    realy black screen

    Hey guys you seem to no what your doing....i turn on my computer and it turns on but my moniter does not and the way it turns on is wrong as well i press the back button and the whole computer turns on instead of clicking the back switch and then the side button.... can anyone please help me im at a compleat lose
  18. mrskrlj

    mrskrlj TS Rookie

    Blackberry Desktop Manager and Roxio Media Manager

    I just had, and subsequently resolved, my issue with the windows black screen at startup.

    Before this issue, my comp and XP would load blazingly fast. Then a few days ago I began having to wait a long time for XP to load. My comp would seem to load fine even as XP started to load. I would see the Windowns XP logo, then the blue "Welcome" screen with the startup jingle. But then the screen would go black for two minutes before finally displaying my desktop and continuing with startup. Very frustrating.

    After reading a post in this thread about someone whose issue began when they installed Nero, I figured it could be a conflict with the Roxio app I had just installed a few days prior when I bought my blackberry. I had installed the software that allows you to backup info from the PDA device : the "Blackberry Desktop Manager v.4.6" which comes bundled with Roxio Media Manager.

    I uninstalled both the BBerry Desktop Manager and Roxio, and the problem is gone.

    I hope this helps someone. Cheers.
  19. Yellowmelon

    Yellowmelon TS Rookie

    I'm having a similar issue to most of the people in this thread. My computer around 4 hours ago started having the issue of the screen showing up until I get to the sign-in menu. Then the sound still works and I can even log in (even though I must do it while looking at a black screen). The laptop works when I run it in Safe Mode or VGA mode, but of course it greatly alters my graphics settings.
    I didn't download anything today, or do anything differently than normal.

    I have a Compaq nc6400
    And a ATI X1300 graphics card (I think).
    I'm not the best with computers, so I was unsure what to do after I entered in Safe/VGA mode. I couldn't find the site to find updated drivers. I did try updating through windows and I don't think it had anything to update for me. And I tried Rollback Driver, but the laptop still wasn't functioning correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  20. nass1470

    nass1470 TS Rookie

    Same problem ! epidemic ?

    I have the same problem, I start the PC logo ....and then as it tryes to load desktop, the monitor turns black (not the same black as if the monitor would be turned off - the monitor is having some activity ...I guess). The sounds can be heard...everithing is loading up....sometimes I can hear a realy realy "hard" sound of an error in the background.
    The only different thing is that : I enter the safe mode....i press for system recovery....i select a previous date ....system shuts down....restarts ....and everything is ok...untill the next restart....when it does it again....and screen after windows logo....
    if someone knows somethin...please let me know...
    thank you !
  21. theoryhawke

    theoryhawke TS Rookie

    nvidia gettin ahead of themselves. Start in safe mode then reduce your refresh rate to 60 hurtz peace.
  22. theoryhawke

    theoryhawke TS Rookie

    a thought nvidia drivers are not loaded , unplug your monitor lead a few times after boot(plug it in again) if that doesnt work get a second monitor and drop the refresh rate there
  23. jl001300

    jl001300 TS Rookie

    I have the identical issue as MaverickScot. The black screen issue begins even after a fresh partition/format/reinstall of windows xp. I'm using the newest drivers from the Nvidia site also. Has anyone been able to fix their issue?
  24. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    jl001300, Welcome to TechSpot. These threads are left for references. They should be locked to prevent new posts. This thread was started 5 years ago and although the black screen may be seen, as operating systems, SP, browser and versions change over the years, so do some of the causes of the problems.

    I suggest you start new thread, with you own particular information. Give us as much info as you can. Tell us what you did before the problem started and whether you can do this:

    Boot into Safe Mode
    • Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.
    • Select the Safe Mode option when the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, and then press ENTER.

    If a symptom does not reappear when you start in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and minimum device drivers as possible causes. If a newly added device or a changed driver is causing problems, you can use safe mode to remove the device or reverse the change.

    Using Safe Mode to determine a basic source of a problem:The choices:
    • Safe Mode: Loads the minimum set of device drivers (serial or PS/2 mouse devices, standard keyboards, hard disks, CD-ROM drives, and standard VGA devices)and system services required to start Windows XP/2000/2003.(Event Log, Plug and Play, remote procedure calls (RPCs), and Logical Disk Manager.) User specific startup programs do not run. This is helpful in determining whether problems are due to specific programs.
    • Safe Mode with Networking: Includes the services and drivers needed for network connectivity. Safe mode with networking enables logging on to the network, logon scripts, security, and Group Policy settings. Nonessential services and startup programs not related to networking do not run. Helpful if needed but should be used with caution as the security programs don't load in this mode.
    • Safe Mode with Command Prompt: Starts the computer in safe mode, but displays the command prompt rather than the Windows GUI interface.
    • Last Known Good Configuration, which starts your computer using the registry information that was saved at the last shutdown.

    So by using the different options of Safe Mode, you can sometimes determine what the area of problem is- and isn't.

    You can copy this to our new thread if you wish. I think you will get a better response with a thread of your own.
  25. bansheee

    bansheee TS Rookie

    BURADORI: Thanks for the info. when the problem first happened, I looked at the pin, but did not act on it ( *first instinct*- Use the Force! ). I attached an external monitor to my Dell, it worked. So I pulled the pin, and voila, picture on the laptop. Thanks for this reply to post, I may have been searching for days/weeks to fix this problem.

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