Windows XP startup problem (black screen)

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Dec 30, 2004
  1. madventura

    madventura TS Rookie

    I fixed my black screen problem by realising that the bios boot section had moved my usb drive to the main boot drive. the only way to get around this is to disconnect all usb devices (leave keyboard attached) boot the comp 1 - 5 secs go into your bios make sure that the main boot device is the hard drive with windows on it, save and boot again and it should load windows (7) in my case, if not then boot and 1 - 5secs in press F8 and manually choose your hard drive to boot from, I realise that differnt motherboards have different keys to press, but they all should allow you to choose which hard drive to boot from manually. After you get into windows create a back up and then fix the comp with windows repair and it should successfully rewrite the boot commands again. I hope this helps.
  2. mondfahrer

    mondfahrer TS Rookie

    thanks a lot, without these post i would never had realized how to overcome the black screen after the moving loading bar. Starting in VGAmode works, but allowing windows to automatically change desktop settings made the screen black again (also changing resolution does this). Installing the monitor driver doesnt help too.
    But so far I'm proceeding
  3. mondfahrer

    mondfahrer TS Rookie

    ok finally i managed it:
    The key is to reinstall a proper driver for the graphic card (reinstall under hardware section of "systemsteuerung")
  4. taku

    taku TS Rookie

    I'm new to this community and didn't find more suitable topic for my problem, hope moderator's wont be to upset:)

    Anyway, i tried to google my question but didn't get an aswer that i hoped for.

    Problem is following:
    Yesterday i finished working with my laptop, shut it down like normally. Today, when turning it on, screen remained blank(black), then it showd this welcome page with log in button and everything was working perfectly. I immedeatly restarted my computer, same thing... totally blank untill login information page. Then i scanned computer for viruses and spyware (using spybot and avast antivirus, but found nothing) then backed my important stuff to external HD and restarted computer again. Same thing (what is positive about it, it boots up faster than normally LOL )

    Could it be a sign of something on a verge of crashing/breaking down?
    Should i be worried or just ignore it.

    OP. system is xp pro 32 bit

    PS! sorry for my bad english, not my first choice of language...

    Thanks if you bother to help or give some advice.
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