Windows XP stop screen error

By Grapes
Mar 1, 2012
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  1. Howdy, well the situation for me is I am having trouble booting up my S0ny Vai0 with Operating system XP! If anyone knows about them, I used the Recovery media kit it allows you to use by burning 2 disc, 1 DVR and 1 regular disc. I recently bought a new hard drive being that the old one is 10 years old and obsolete, Im currently trying to Boot it up with the Recovery Media Kit Disc I used which allow you to boot up the hard drive to install XP. Now when I replaced the Hard drive with the New one it all fits right both read ID on BIOS, 160G over the old one 120-40 cant remember, set bios to Make the Disc Reading priority #1. Formatted and partitioned the new one with the old hard disc, tested it and its working fine. Remove the old hard drive, set the new one to master, Slap in the start up disc I made, Loads for about a minute or two then give me the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. If it helps stop screen error 0X0000007B, so it wont allow me to boot my new hard drive up, I'm Stumped. Any help with this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks, Grapes
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try reloading Windows XP fresh directly using the new hard drive

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