Windows XP upgrade trouble

By hattrick58
Mar 28, 2006
  1. I upgraded from ME to XP Home w/ Microsoft Upgrade almost three months ago. Last week the HD froze, replaced it with Hitachi 160gb PATA as Primary. When I tried installing XP, I would receive blue screen "Process1 Initialization Failed". This continued several times. At one time it asked for the ME disk to verify authenticity (something along those lines), but it couldn't authenticate the disk. Eventually, I installed ME trying to start from scratch. I thought I had it then I received "Process3 Initialization Failed". Changed the IDE cable, nothing. Hitachi says it's a bad upgrade disk, I've already used it successfully once. Appreciate any troubleshooting ideas. Hattrick58
  2. Tedster

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    did you bother to reformat the hard drive completely when installing XP? Do you have at least 512mb of memory for your XP system? Having less will severely bog down your system. A secret with windows XP is that you can borrow any FULL version of windows to load on your system, when asked for the key, enter your BOUGHT version key.
  3. hattrick58

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    Yes, reformatted and I have 512mb memory.
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