Windows XP will only load in Debugging Mode

By cdrw6622
Feb 22, 2010
  1. My Dell XPS600 running Windows XP crashed a couple days ago and I've been trying to troubleshoot on my own. The puter would crash shortly after getting the Windows XP logo and I get a "Stop: 0X00000024..." error. I booted up using F8 and the only mode which will boot up is Debugging Mode (none of the other variious safe modes will boot, they result in same x24 error). I did both chkdsk/r and chkdsk/f, and also ran all the diagnostic tests (including hard disk, processor, memory) available in the F12 menu and passed all tests. My last resort is to do a complete reinstall of windows xp but thought I'd check here first in case I'm missing something obvious. My first symptoms that something was wrong was when booting I saw some strange evenly spaced vertical lines on my screen but for most part they disappeared by reducing refresh rate in display control panel. A few days later the lines reappeared in boot up and puter crashed. I tried hooking up different monitor and lines and crashing still there. Replaced graphics card and symptoms are still the same.

    1. Why would wondows load in debugging mode but in no other mode? I can use most programs while in debugging mode (and surf net as well - I'm posting to this forum using the problem puter) but have found one program (newsleecher) will start up but then compter freezes shortly thereafter.

    2. Any other diagnostics I can run to determine if the problem is OS based vs. hardware (HD, processer) based?

    Thanks for any insight you can provide. - Scott
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    cdrw6622 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry for posting in the wrong topic, thanks for moving to correct one - although I didn't think my problem was viral in nature, I did follow the 8 step process for infections and didn't find anything worse than some tracking cookies. I was hoping someone could give me a clue why Debugging Mode would boot but no other safe mode would. I thought knowing what was different about Debugging Mode might have directed me to what was wrong, but since no responses, I'll have to give up on troubleshooting and bite the bullet and do a full reinstall of windows.
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