WinXP Remote Desktop problems

By TumbleDumpling
Oct 21, 2008
  1. I have been trying to get Remote Desktop to work for a while now. I have followed many tutorials and experimented with other things, but the end result is still the same.

    System Background:

    The host computer has winxp pro and is my personal computer. This computer has been properly setup in the "System Properties" / "Remote" tab as per all tutorials I have seen.

    The client computer has winxp home and is my other computer.

    Both computers are connected to the internet via a LAN connection. The LAN connection is split by a Hub then travels to either computer. I have set both computers to run on the same workgroup, aptly named WORKGROUP.

    I do have a stand alone anti virus/firewall program, I disabled it entirely but still had the same issue.

    Error Messages

    On the client, I load up Remote Desktop from the All Programs list and enter the host IP Address, then press connect. After waiting for it to think for a bit a get this message:

    Remote Computer Disconnected
    This computer can't connect to the remote computer.
    Try connecting again. If problem continues, contact the owner of the remote computer or your network administrator.

    Now if I click on the Computer selection arrow on the Remote Desktop Connection window and select <Browse for more...> I will be able to see a computer with a workgroup name attached to it. But if I try to select it I get another error message:

    Remote Desktop Connection
    The WORKGROUP domain/workgroup does not contain any Terminal servers.

    So, do I actually need to establish a recognized network between these two computers before I can do this? Is the internet not good enough? Am I an ***** and cannot see the simple answer?

    I know one thing for sure, I getting quite irritated.
  2. wii-ste

    wii-ste TS Rookie Posts: 163

    Can the PC's ping each other? That would be the first test to make sure they can reach each other.
  3. geekygirl63

    geekygirl63 TS Rookie Posts: 54

    I assume also that on the system you want to connect to, you have "allowed" remote access?
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