Wireless for desktop: PCI-e or USB dongle

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Feb 25, 2016
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  1. Hi, Everyone - I just got done building a computer with my son, a 4th grader - this is a great father-son activity. This is a basic, normal desktop PC with Windows. It is working well. We just got connected to the internet by ethernet cable into the Uverse modem/cable box, but we are going to make it wireless --

    Is it faster to go wireless with a PCI-e antenna connection, or is a wireless USB adapter just as fast? The PCI-e adapters seem to all be at about 300 Mbps+, and the USBs are at about half of that -

    I wonder if this is all irrelevant since my internet connection speed is far lower, at about 20 Mbps.

    So, I am looking for info, advice, opinions, and suggestions.
    As for now, he won't be doing any multiplayer RPG games that require super performance, but a quick wireless connection is always nice when streaming video, etc.
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    Hello, @Row1

    For your purposes, either the PCI-E wireless card or a USB dongle will be sufficient. As you have already noticed, the PCI-E options will generally be faster than a USB. With that said, USB dongles offer effortless setup and you won't have to go back into our machine to install it. Additionally, they tend to be a little cheaper. Since you're working with a 20Mbps line, even the lower-end USB dongles should be fast enough. I would probably just go with the option that works with your budget and offers the features you need IE(range, speed and software).
  3. Row1

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    Thanks. I have used the dongle, and they are very easy. I may do that, and if signal reception seems like a problem, then try the PCI-e antenna.
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    There are USB dongles that come with antennas to aid reception. If you connect it to a short 2 or 3 foot USB extension cable, you can move it around to improve reception.
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  5. abhilashpiru92

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    Go wireless with a PCI-e antenna connection

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