Wireless G PCI Adapter will not connect to my Wireless B router but I should

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I have the linksys wireless g pci adapter WMP54G, according to the box it is compatable with wireless B. I have it installed on my new Vista desk top computer that i bought today with the correct drivers. It will connect to my neighbours wireless g router so the adapter is working. however it shows a signal from my DLINK DI-514 Router but when i try to connect i get this error message "wireless association failed due to an unknown reason".
I have called DLINK and Linksys and they are no help.
I think that i need to somehow set the adapter to B wireless but i don't know how or if it is supposed to be automatic.

Please help me i have spent countless hours trying to fix this.


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Looks like a simple install error... do you know who has the D-Link? What is the model and version of the Wireless B.
Have you tried to connect or setup the Wireless B, alone before connecting the two. The Wireless B is WEP only, me thinks, but the WMP54G is capable of WPA. Any chance there is a misconfiguration in your setup? Do you have the correct install downloads for that version of whatever Wireless B? Both have to be setup separately, before connection, as I remember.
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