Wireless issue on Compaq Presario v3000 Series

By HaMsTeYr ยท 5 replies
Feb 28, 2009
  1. Hey dudes, i was wondering if you could help me figure out what's going on here, though i might already have a guess, i'd like to get opinions as well as solving matters.

    I'm helping my friend solve a problem with her laptop where her Compaq Presario v3119AU suddenly just stopped detecting the wireless card, even in device manager.

    Now, we've tried reformatting, running it in linux or win vista and I've even gone so far as to take out her wireless card to test it in my laptop, and to test mine on hers only to get the same results, that the card isn't detected in her compaq, whereas her Broadcom Wireless works on my ASUS laptop...

    I'm suspecting that over time of her using the laptop on the bed or so that the board has somewhat cook off... probably... any input on this? so far the only option i see now is to head it back to compaq...
  2. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    hamsteyr, i'm sorry, this is first symptoms of northbridge dying(nv6150go). the problem is that nv6150go makes some disturbances in pci-ex bus,and thus preventing the wireless card from detection. well, you an try to update your bios, it may help. i had 10 or 20 cases like this in my repairing practice. 5 laptops were cured(completely?) with BIOS reflashing. the others - nv6150go/nf-spp100 replacing.
  3. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 377   +6

    i already tried updating the bios and unfortunately it didn't help... so that probably means that the whole mainboard for the laptop has to be changed off then?

    Is this a problem with compaq laptops? :X
  4. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    this is a problem with nvidia nv6150go. not only compaq laptops are in trouble,MSI, FS too :)
  5. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 377   +6

    Damn... then my friend really is unlucky o.o ah well... what would you suggest, getting a new laptop or fixing this one? hahahah
  6. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    well, as for me, you should sell this laptop and buy a new one. even if you replace the chip with a NEW ONE(!!!) this laptop will work for one year, and then, you'll meet the same symptoms :(
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