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Jan 18, 2010
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    My question is, most people have a wireless internet connection at home. However, the wireless internet connection is transmitted via a router. There is an ethernet cable up to the router. A computer technician came to my house to setup an internet connection. He installed a router next to the PC, a phone cable was connected to the router, and the router was connected to the PC. What I don't understand is, does the PC really need the router, (i.e. can't we just plug the cable directly into the PC, hence a broadband connection). I guess the router is for PCs and laptops that can connect wirelessly. So if this is the case, if I buy one of those powerline adapters, then can I connect the cable from the phone line directly into the RJ45 socket (broadband connection) to transmit it to the second powerline adapter or does it have to be connected to the router?


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  2. ACE99

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    You can plug it directly into your comp
  3. ACE99

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    uter but you need an adsl
  4. ACE99

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    filter on the line if you are usinf a router that has one built in
  5. ACE99

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    filter on the line if you are usinf a router that has one bilt in
  6. ACE99

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    sorry there was something wrong with my connection so the post came out in a split order for some reason
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    Personally, I recommend a router even if the user only has one system -- it has the NAT and SPI features to help avoid direct access to your system. Without a router, your left with only the firewall and not many are well versed in configuring it.

    As for the IPoverPower; works well; one end connects to the modem / router and anywhere you need access, add the slave unit. If you add a switch or router at that location, you can have multiple systems at that end of the house too.
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