Wireless router + storage, need some advice

By Cazca ยท 8 replies
May 16, 2010
  1. here's my end goal. i want to have a wireless N network with the capability for any computer to play dvd's that i put on an external hard drive. the hard drive would be connected to the router or network. not to any computer physically. i want alot of media storage for music, dvd's, blu rays, etc on a hard drive that any computer can access wirelessly. that make sense? kind of like a server, but i don't want a computer running 24/7.

    what are my options here? i've been out of the networking/storage department for a while
  2. tipstir

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    What's wrong for it to run 24/7 if you got it on Energy Saver mode. Mine is on 24/7 4C/4T system. It handles all files documents, pictures, music, web server, girl friday (caller ID monitor and call reject). Another system same specs runs 24/7 also on Energy Saver mode, records TV, manages all media sends that media to all HDTV or SDTV on the network. Bring up a cool looking EPG on anything client on the network. I have Blue-Ray running on that unit also which connects to 1080p Sharp 46" HDTV.
  3. brucethetech

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    this project can be as easy or as complex as you make it. several companies now are making NAS devices for home users. You can simply store the DVD images on it and use any freeware utility to mount the image and play as though it were physically in your computer.
  4. tipstir

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    Bruchthetech what free software are you referring too? There quite a few out there?
  5. brucethetech

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    virtual clone drive from slysoft is the one i use a lot.
  6. tipstir

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    Oh that one!Yeah I use to use it under XP. It's okay and it does work under 7 also.
  7. Cazca

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    how much space and electricity does all that stuff use? and is it cheaper then some external hard drives and a router? or can it not be that cheap?
  8. 9manuals

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    Chip NAS capable enclosure you can buy under $100
  9. Leeky

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    A NAS enclosure, or even a pre-built NAS to plug into your network is going to cost money. I looked into it a while ago, and even to have 4GB capacity was mega money when I last looked.

    I'm going for a full on server instead, which will run 24/7.
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