Wireless scanner security question

I bought an open box portable wireless scanner. The password was printed on the scanner. Are scanned documents secure? Is the wireless scanner only sending signals within the network or out to someone else with the password. Obviously a novice here.


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The password is ONLY controlling access. The scanned documents depend entirely upon the security of your system itself. While we can never be absolutley certain that there's no backdoor in ANY software, we can be 99% certain that our file are ours unless we send them ourselves or grant access to them.
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So as long as my wireless is secure, I’m fine? Is my understanding correct? Thanks SO much!


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Yes it is :)

set new admin password
disable remote management on port 8080

set a SSID that you will recognize and a password that is complex
  1. at least one upper case and lowr case letter
  2. one or more numbers
  3. one or more special case symbols {#$_^}
  4. for a total length of at lease 8