Wireless vision system based on analog technology

Hi, I am writing my own project in which I want to create a wireless vision system where two microcontrollers (e.g. RPi) will send each other live video image. I would like the technology to be as simple as possible. In the assumptions of the project, I do not want to use Wifi or bluetooth.
I wanted to use the radio module, unfortunately they have a maximum bandwidth of 2 Mbps, where uncompressed viedo needs around 50 Mbps. Found a device used in FPV: TS832 & RC832 V3.0 Wireless Audio Video Transmission System Transmitter Recevier. My problem is that I would not like to use ready-made kits.

Could it be possible to create a less complicated technology so that the video between two microcontrollers was analog transmitted? I understand that I would need to use some codec to compress my video in real time (e.g. h.264 codec).