WOF: How much time do you spend playing games?


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I normally play a multiplayer game for two hours, after which I start to get bored. A single player game I'll play for quite a while, and I'll almost always only stop playing when there's a good break in story or action.


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well when I was absorbed in dragonage and had a week off occasionally I would be doing about 56hours and Im not joking. but those days are gone and Im always busy so id say 25 hours a week.


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I did not count but i did play a lot of games about a year back & now i am suffering for playing them.Now i play occasionally only when i have vacations.


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The past few weeks my average time has gone down from about 18 hours a week to 5-7. The upside is I have helped out friends with computer problems and have a couple more girls digits :p


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maybe 3-5hrs a day if i'm not working. sometime i'll stay up until the morning hours since it's the only time i get to myself. when i was 13-15 years old i could easily play all day, but i can't do that anymore. after a few hours i will typically get a headache or lose interest, probably due to overplaying at a young age.


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I wish i could play 10+ hrs a week, but the sad truth is I'll probably play ~5 hrs a month. Kinda hard to make time for games when i work 45+hrs a week, take night classes towards my degree, and spend time with the fam. ...Oh, and as of late, participate in TechSpot forums to win sweet prizes!! (^_^)


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When I got the time, probably over 5 hours a day. But 90% of the time I'm busy with other things these days, so some days I don't have time to play at all, most of the time it's around a couple of hours a day.
If I could, I'd probably play even 5-10 hours a day, can never get tired of the PC :)


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lets see right now i play about 18 hours a week mostly BC2 and a few other games but sometimes its less time.


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Got to love steam,
29.8 hrs past 2 weeks all spent on call of duty mw2. As soon as black ops launch that number will be much higher, I cant wait until we are done with the lag and hacking fest going on in mw2.

Long ago I owned a computer store/internet cafe, I played at least 6h a day back then - good ol times.

Colonel Lance

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I play quite a bit a week, I think around 30 hours a week. It depends on my school schedule, I get spurts of game time and spurts of homework only time.


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Roughly 15 hours per week. In the college days about 6 hours per day :) HALO networking through the dorm rooms using XLINK KAI!!


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During my hardcore gaming years I was playing 40 hours a week on CS1.6 but now I barely play at all. Maybe 5-10 hours a week?


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Used to be 15-20 hours a week when I was in highschool...sigh, those were the days....
Now that I'm in college though it's practically 0 hours a week. Unless it's summertime, then it's more like 8-10 hours a week.


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I love to play games but I don't have console or high class computer....sometime I play games, I don't have recent games but have black hawk down, midtown madness, halo, delta force. The most recent games I played is crysis when I visit to my frens house. that was awesome game. after that I'm fan of the modern game...but what can I do? I'm not hopeless someday I can have it?