WOF: How much time do you spend playing games?


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I play car racing games, but seldom (Shift, Colin McRae). In college, I maintained a Star Trek game for multiple users running on an hp mini computer.


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Gosh...I would say about 30 hours a week, bf2bc, starcraft, left4dead2, dragon age, quake4, mass effect, borderlands and torchlight.


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About 3-4 hours pure daily gameplay. Depends on how much the game amuse me especially if it's RPG up to 10 hours per day, but sometimes down to 30 min per day if there is a stagnation in the game world (which is often nowadays) :)


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Really depends for me. Last school year I was doing about 15-20 hours per week. Over the summer it was probably about 25-35 hours a week. Now I'm down to maybe 5-10 hours a week. Maybe that will go up now that I got New Vegas?


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10 hours a week when i'm at school, like 40 when i'm playing a competitive ladder, on holidays and not working more than 2 shifts a week.


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Once i upgrade my PC and buy PS3 then probably i may end up spending atleast 3 hours on weekdays & 10 hours during weeknds. Now add this number to the estimate. As more and more new generation keep coming this number will add to the final number


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I average about 20 hours a week regularly between different games. When I get a new release though I'll likely sink 30+ hrs a week depending on how much time I have =D. Currently splitting my time between Battlefield BC 2, Halo Reach, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2 & the occasional Starcraft 2 game.


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I try to play 3-4 hours + per day, especially now I'm on university holidays. The first month of term is also easy, so lots of late-night playing. :D

But when assignments and exams stack up, it's more like <8hrs per week.


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When I was younger I could easily play 20 hours a week, spread among pc and console games. Now, I'm busy with work and saving my money for a new house. The addiction to games was definitely with there and difficult to break, but I've seem to have grown out of games, which is a good thing.


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Just like you there are somedays or even some months I don't play games period. There's a time a place for everything, there are even times I play games and just games alone. But just in general I probably spend at least 1-2 days worth of gaming in a week.
i have been unemployed for 3 months and during that time i played games 3-10 hours per day. got job last week, so my gaming habits is about to change.. :)


Gaming is a complete waste of time. Life is short. I spend my time in the real world.


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Lately I've been so busy with work and university that I haven't play a lot... like maybe 6 hours a week... you start remembering those days when you were young and had summer vacations where one could spend 3 days and nights playing games... unfortunately those times are gone :(


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Oh, I'd say about 3-4 hours a day on average, since am unable to find proper employment at the moment. Sigh.


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For me its either that the game is really good and i pay it a lot, finish it, and then rarely play it, or... it was never that good and i rarely play it to begin with. Right now there are no great games to play for me, so i can't even call myself a gamer. Until the next great game, but a week after that i'll be right back here.


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Well, since I use Steam for pretty much all of my games, I can provide a pretty accurate measure. When I was going to college full time and working full time, maybe 20 hours per week. When I stopped working to solely "focus" on school, upwards of 40 hours a week. Now that I am working 2 jobs for a total of 50+ hours a week, I'm down between 0 and 10 hours a week--depending on if I get a day off.