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WOF: Windows' biggest annoyances in your book

By Julio Franco · 57 replies
Aug 14, 2010
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  1. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,966   +223

    Well in Windows XP, all the way up to Server 2003 there is in my opinion the extremely annoying behavior of the taskbar and start-menu

    When you boot your computer fresh, and just when you see the desktop (but it is still loading stuff from the HDD) if you start navigating the start-menu it will simply be closed down on you, very annoying.
    I can have it do that to me 2 or 3 times in a row, it takes of course just a minute or so untill the computer has completed loading, but it is still very annoying

    The yellow popup with the current date you get when hovering the mouse over the clock, this will oftenly end up under the taskbar itself, the popup for other stuff in the taskbar is the same too...
    I once installed a third party patch for this (The issue has existed since Windows 95)
    But this patch made my computer not behave well, so I had to uninstall it

    The fact that the "detailed list" in explorer does not have a "folder size" view
    I do use a third party app for that and it works quite well tho; http://foldersize.sourceforge.net/
    (I tried upgrading it from 2.4 to 2.5 on my XP x64 but that made it perform worse, so I went back)
  2. Decimae

    Decimae TS Rookie Posts: 78

    Start up I have too; but wake up from standby(or sleep) isn't that bad in windows.

    Bugging you to install the latest updates is terribly annoying if you use a laptop which goes into sleep instead of shutting down.

    Those service/update things are annoying too, but Linux and I think OS X have some of them too.

    The UAC in windows 7 is a lot more annoying then linux' version for some reason to me. Security is still an issue though, not like in Linux or OS X and that requires resource-intensive antiviri.

    Windows is a terrible resource hog indeed.

    Luckely, I don't buy OEM pc's like most techspot users.

    Linux is superior to windows in terms of multitasking with things like multiple desktops.

    Windows only gets that good drivers because of their bigger marketshare; with a smaller marketshare the drivers would be worse.

    Most of this freeware(excluding the games) is also available for linux as FOSS.

    I never used win7 jump lists but they're not annoying either.

    I get annoyed by the fact that windows manages to get slower if you install more programs even if you de-install them later after.
    I'd also like an ubuntu-type FOSS installation service.
    I pretty much want my OS to be linux with the windows interface and drivers; but that's just me I guess.
  3. This is about Vista:

    Explorer should always show free space on current drive (i doesn't always now)
    It should be possible to make detail view for transfers permanent so you dont have to fold it out every time to see transfer rate on your file transfers. The file window should follow the folder tree window when using the arrows. Highlighting a folder in the folder tree with the contents of a totally other folder in the file window doesn't make any sense.
    A shortcut key for making folder would be nice, I often find myself rightclicking anywhere to find the one pixel that lets me create a folder. The folder tree in explorer should have a horizontal scroll bar.
    Context menus should be more streamlined. They often allow a lot of irrelevant tasks and not the one you need. More easy customization here please.
    An option to show file extensions in explorer (not the filetypes from the registry, but the "real" extensions)
    An option to stop explorer from treating folders differently depending on it's contents.

    Intelligent move for many small files (It should delete the files after copying to another drive to speed it up dramatically)

    Make programs and their data follow each other so you can use the same data in a dual boot or easily transfer programs to a new installation without having to use half a day to set them up correctly. Savegames should NOT be put into the documents folder !

    Moving menu items arround sorted after how often it is used is so wrong, you never know where to find what you are looking for. (that goes for the start menu too!!)

    You should be able to turn off shadow copying without turning of restore points. Restore points should not be deleted by turning off the service, but you should be able to delete them manually.

    I have many more, but i can't remember them right now.
  4. Too many terrible small windows with no chance of resizing.
    Too heavy use of modal windows.
    Too much focus on "weak users" and to little on "power users" (yes I hate thumbnails and love lists!)
    If something goes wrong trying to print something on a printer(like a network printer which gets a new ip address since last time) it just hangs, you can't even cancel the job.
    IE's settings get carried over to stupid applications like winamp, that's annoying.
    Help never helps.
    The control panel gets worse and worse, it's a science just to find your network settings to change the dns or ip.
  5. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Posts: 422   +9

    i have nothing against windows...sure it takes a little bit of setting up after a clean install , but once ur done, it works like a charm...puts the user in control unlike some other OSes
  6. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 996   +93

    I still cannot rename multiple files and assign them sequential numbers (rename file1.txt, file2.txt, file3.txt etc to thisfile1.txt, thisfile2.txt, thisfile3.txt). It was on of the features that Ubuntu (and I'm sure most if not all versions of linux can do) did that I though was quite useful.

    Mkv support with subtitles in windows media center would be nice. Divx has for the most part released a decent codec to handle the mkvs but no subtitles as of yet.

    Other than that I'm a pretty happy Windows 7 user.
  7. g4mer

    g4mer TS Guru Posts: 304

    Windows is really really annoying with sharing and security...!!!! "Network and Sharing Center" is annoying and it should be removed!!
  8. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,050   +1,384

    the whole "you need admin privledges" thing, as well as run as admin, is a bit ridiculous. there are better/easier ways to keep system files and program files secure then hassling the user. it annoys me even as a ADVANCED user.
  9. edison5do

    edison5do TS Rookie Posts: 231

    1 - Updates center
    2 - Network and sharing center
    3 - IP´s, DNS´s

    These three things make me go crazy!! In Win7 like the other user says YOU HAVE TO BE SCIENTIST TO CHANGE AN IP, and the Printer jobs...!!! just get stuck and don't let you even cancel or remove them. That's really annoying.
  10. edison5do

    edison5do TS Rookie Posts: 231

    Ohhh and I almost forgot!, What about the searches in Win7, you just got no place to change the way you want... I work with lots of document and mostly .jpg files, inside and outside of lots of folders.....

    it makes my job little bit more complicated..
  11. grvalderrama

    grvalderrama TS Addict Posts: 212   +20

    Update center is probably the most annoying thing about windows, but I do have to say that some troubles I was having got fixed. I have nothing else to complain while my games can be run!
  12. Windows Genuine Advantage. I don't see what's so advantageous about having to call an automated service and waste ten minutes of my life every time I upgrade my PC, due to Windows telling me my retail purchased copy is pirated.
  13. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,824   +427

    Does Win7 have a third party folder-size yet?
  14. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Posts: 422   +9

    i think u can rename multiple files, if u select multiple files and rename one, the other get a number like file(1).txt, file(2).txt and so on...moreover u can download free programs like bulk rename utility, works like a charm and a powerful tool...

    come on , the network and sharing centre is so awesome and simple...
  15. It doesn't take a genius to

    1) go into each program settings and stop a- the splash b- startup with windows
    2) manage the services as it should be - namely stop the updates, errors reports and any of the installed programs from starting automatically

    if you couldn't be bother to learn then spare us the bellyaching emanating from your self imposed ignorance
  16. Also,almost all of Julio's annoyances are not true with the resource hog being the exception.

    "Start-up but most importantly wake from standby takes ages."

    Stop making your computer bloated and slow by installing crapware. This will happen on every os if the user is retarded.

    "Windows will insist and keep bugging you until you install the latest available updates. These are frequent and most of the time require a restart."

    How is this an annoyance? If you enjoy having exploits and ignoring the patches, you could turn off automatic in Control Panel/Windows Update/Change Settings-Never Check for updates. You'll have to manually patch your Windows.

    "Every third party program believes it's entitled to place their own bloated service/utility/updater when Windows starts. Worst of all, many of these so-called utilities try to bug you with splash screens and prompts when you start your PC"

    Stop installing bloatware. This may be the majority of software out there but users have to be able to differentiate that after they visit the download site.

    "Security is no longer as big of an issue, but even the milder version of UAC on Windows 7 is somewhat annoying (to be fair, it's about the same in other operating systems)."

    "To be fair"? Then you shouldn't even have posted that as an annoyance in the first place unless you like unjust discrimination.

    "(Bonus) A majority of the time OEM Windows PCs come bloated with trial software, crippling the user experience."

    On my MBP 17" 08', I found it to have worse than trial, clunky bloatware installed straight from Apple. Like Address Book, Automator, Calculator, Chess, Comic Life, Dashboard, Dictionary, DVD Player, Exposé, Font Book, Front Row, Garageband, iCal, iChat, iDVD, Image Capture, iMovie HD, iPhoto, iSync, iTunes, iWeb, iWork (Keynote, Numbers, Pages), Mail, Photo Booth, Preview, QuickTime Player, Safari, Spaces, Stickies, TextEdit, Time Machine.

    All of them have much better FREE alternatives for OS X but they still come fully installed. For OEM laptops, those trial software companies PAY the laptop companies to PUT their software on their laptops. This is a business world after all.

    The good points aren't the best points but they're decent.
  17. @trillionsin

    Windows has had third party Windows Explorer alternatives for quite a while. Google is your friend.
  18. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,507   +1,308


    Dude, you've got the whole thing wrong. Changing an IP is easy! like 5 easy steps easy. I know, i work on a helpdesk and have to direct people to check it over the phone everyday!

    And for the printer thing all you have to do is restart the printspooler service. its no biggy or annoying because even if a print job does get stuck it will still print to the printer and once the computer gets re-booted it dissappears anyway.

    Also explain a bit more what you mean with the search? I also work with litterally 1000's of files everyday and i find the search to be a god send at times!

    Anyway, I think the bit I hate most is that windows doesn't really have a registry cleanup tool inbuilt.
    I will paint a moment when this will come in handy. I have had Sims3 installed for the last year now but want to uninstall it as it is taking up lots of space and I don't play it any more. I run through the unistaller and it says successful, then, when my brother complains saying he still plays it and wants it reinstalled. then when I go to it just fails telling me its already installed?

    Also, why is it sometimes when you uninstall a media player suck as realplayer it is still linked with certain file types and attempts to open in a program that doesn't exist?

    A few other things annoy me also but overall Windows 7 is the bees nees.
  19. fish4specs

    fish4specs TS Rookie Posts: 40

    I have XP running pretty much how i want it. Only two issues, 1) Don't like how search changed, i thing with a .net update. Now have to add a step to get to search companion. 2) my biggest pet peeve, If i click to open an application then begin working in another application, the opening app takes over or takes priority instead of just opening in the background.

    Feature i'd like: Shutdown Abort or cancel. Don't know how many times I've realized I forgot to do something immediately after clicking shutdown. Hve to wait for complete shutdown then reboot then shutdown again.
  20. I liked on XP (and previous) that you could drag "My Computer (or whatever)" to the top or side of the screen and it would make a toolbar shortcut there. They got rid of that functionality for Vista and 7. Using Rocket Dock now which isn't too bad though.
  21. @edison5do

    i don't really see any problems with print jobs, but if you happen to have them frequently, just make yourself a batch file with this line in it and run it when you have a stuck print job:

    net stop spooler & net start spooler
  22. g4mer

    g4mer TS Guru Posts: 304

    Compare Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7, and Network Connections in Windows XP. In my opinion, Network connections in Windows XP are way way way more easier than NASC in W7.
  23. g4mer

    g4mer TS Guru Posts: 304

    and UAC is really really really really really annoying!!! Good thing is it can be DISABLED!
  24. The "games menu explorer" that vista had was great! The one that windows 7 has is awful. I can't configure the menu for batch files or different files to load.

    I had crysis and crysis warhead running in 64bit . It was way smoother and I liked it that way. ok.. and I had developer mode on. hahaha

    It was just better in vista..

    The lack of a real mail reader in windows 7 is annoying. Sure I can drag myself to get office live crap or those other crapy live aka cloud apps but i hate those. just sayin LOL

    Games for windows live.. Why in the world do i need this? I hate having to make an account just to saves games. I don't do any of that x-box stuff. I don't own an x-box.. geeeeeez
    plus.. it won't let me use cheats. I play single player.. so if i want to replay a game again with a cheat on.. just let me and don't act lime my mom is there kicking me to the desk top for cheating in a game geeeeez. :p

    Why doesn't server 2008r2 have disc burning rights on by default? I mean who doesn't back up crap. the trial one doesn't.

    IE when I open up something in IE via link or a new tab. I want the dang thing open within the current IE not a brand new one. I think I forgot the option for this. hahah

    I hate it when apps or games decide for me that i want an update before playing the game. and their servers are slow as fox renewing one of my favorite shows. Took 3 years for family guy.. anyways.. yeah..

    When using 64 bit windows . Sometimes the vendor just made a driver and it's not signed. Yes , windows I know this and if you don't like it. I will get the BSOD. I can handle it.. just install the driver already. LOL

    I miss the old task bar. I could care less about the mac-like icon look. I know programs by names not the many icons it uses . I'm slowly getting used to it .

    There should be a no webcam option when playing some games. I'm in single player mode . Why in the farkle do I want the webcam on? I wish windows had that option. geeeeeeeez

    Even though I get annoyed.. I've been a windows user since version 1.0 and a dos user since 2.2 .. er... Ibm dos since 3.3

    I will try linux again.. when I have money for parts on another pc. that minty linux looks nice.

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