Won't boot after Universal Restore, restarts on atipcie64 (log inside)

By natewill18
Jul 20, 2012
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  1. I wanted to do a bare metal restore aka Restore my Windows 7 hdd to another hdd for a different system with dissimalr hardware form the original rig it was on. The new rig is a ASRock N68C-S FX Motherboard. the old rig was a MSI K9A2GM. Everythig else is the same (hardware wise). I use the Acronis Backup Restore Cd (latest version) to restore my Windows 7 image and I downloaded all the latest drivers from Nvidia's site (b/c they are the manufacturer of the motherboards chipset..Geforce 7025/nForce 630a. I always get an error after the revovery (which is in the log I pasted below towards the very end). For some reason it cant find the driver for PCI\VEN_10DE& DEV_03F1 SUBSYS_03F11849 REV_A3' and 'PCI\VEN_10DE & DEV_03F2& SUBSYS_03F21849 & REV_A3' . Whihc I found out are my usb 1.1 and 2.0 controllers made by Nvidia. I would imagine the drivers I downloaded would have covered this. So when I try to boot up windows 7 on the new restored target drive it still restart loops when loading the ATIpcie64.sys driver. If I delete it from the Windows 7 driver folder, windows just starts into Windows start up recovery mode attempting to repair the problem to no avail.

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