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Hello all, I just wanted to let everyone know as a consumer dell desktop's aren't worth the price being asked. Upon viewing their catalog, I came across what I thought was a nice desktop and the price seemed fair enough so I thought. From the moment the computer arrived it broke down twice and they sent a service guy to replace the motherboard. Upon making the necessary repairs, my speakers stop working. Upon contacting dell, I was told my warranty expired and therefore had two options. Option 1 upgrade a system which was less then a year old or pay them $400 to upgrade my warrenty. Since then, I've spoken to other consumers who told me they were forced to take dell to court because their systems were junk. My business partner doubted my concerns till he purchased a $3000 desktop from dell and spent an additional $400 to upgrade a warrenty which expired in six months soon found out he got ripped off. His new pc now sits in a repair shop and he just found out that all the compenets he requested dell failed to add any of them. So buyers beware when it comes to Dell.


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As as tech community, most [informed] members already knew that. Same goes for all brands, that's why there are so many system builder threads o.o.
EDIT: What I meant was that Dell computers are not very good, not that they are unreliable, or have poor warranty.


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I've spent thousands with Dell over the last 6-7 years and besides the odd problem near to warranties expiring (from normal wear and tear in fairness) everything has lasted absolutely fine.

Like any manufacturer that sells millions of computer units per year, there is always going to be some that aren't right, one way or another. How they're treated by couriers in transit can also be another factor that everybody seems to dismiss. I mean come on, do you really think it would be allowed to leave testing not working?!? :haha:

So your saying you got a like 7 day warranty or something? All Dell's come with a minimum of a 12 month warranty.

EDIT (ref HK's EDIT): Personally I think thats complete rubbish I'm afraid. They not the best in the land for sure, but they're by no means the worst either. I could buy from anyone, but Dell's prices are hard to beat (n my experiences) for everyday systems and performance laptops. Even my current PC started as a Dell Vostro 420. I've had over 10 systems from them now, and of all of them I've had one PSU fail (it never even failed, I replaced a precaution as the bearings were starting to get slightly noisy now and then!) just outside of warranty. It now has a Corsair CX400, but in fairness I could easily have used my Dell PSU out of my main PC.

Its nothing personal HK, it just annoys me when people have such bad comments to say about them. Thousands of businesses use them as systems of a choice for a reason, and having had over 10 systems I have a pretty good idea of the quality and longevity of the parts used in them.

Although interestingly I've had two systems damaged in transit, and getting hold of them was kind of annoying (Indian call centres), but they dispatched another one for me on both occasions, and even refunded the postage without even being asked to do so - Which is why I commented about transit problems originally.


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Where I work we're a pretty hardcore Dell + Apple shop. We have had really good luck with Dells for several years now and will likely continue using their products. I think perhaps you two got a couple of bad apples in the bunch - or maybe you're buying from the Vostro line. I've heard lots of bad about the originally released machines from that series.


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Trolling Dell on a tech enthusiast site.! Whatever next.

Dell's do (in general terms) what they are supposed to do. It's no-frills computing at a reasonable price. As for warranty, most of the Dell's I've worked with come standard with a 12 month warranty with options for extending out to three years. Consider that if you were buying the system components, an OEM CPU is 12 month warranty, likewise graphics. Virtually all mainboards are 1, 2 or 3 years.
In my experience Dell's "work" (especially their monitors)...they just aren't well optioned and upgrade friendly
There aren't a lot of hardware companys that are prepared to hold your hand once the warranty is up- whether they be OEM's or branded.
While I wouldn't say Dell "customer support" is going to win any awards any time soon, they do seem to stand behind their products- at least while the service tag means something to them.

I think perhaps you two got a couple of bad apples in the bunch
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