Would these sound any better than Logitech's?

By Captainmk
Jun 20, 2011
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  1. Perhaps a stupid question but I found what seems to be a cracking deal on a Yamaha receiver and speaker package and made an order for it. Are they going to sound much better than my current Logitech X540s or am I wasting my money?

    Yamaha - Yamaha YHT294 5.1 AV Receiver and Speaker System - YHT294BL - Best Buy UK

    I don't really care about precision audio quality, I just want a decent home theatre and music experiences. I was easily impressed by the sound quality of the Logitechs, I just want to make sure the speakers that come with the package bundle will be at least better in some way?

    I am a student so I have a very limited budget, I don't want to spend any lower than 200 for speakers.

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