WoW+MSN was hacked, reformated, still there?

By Keya
Mar 18, 2009
  1. Alright, let me explain my situation -

    Alright, I am very scared right now because whatever was on this computer has taken my passwords. All my gear on WoW was deleted. This is only where it begins though, let me explain.

    10:30 PM Sunday I recently downloaded some new addons, none of which were .exe files, and am playing WoW. I am disconnected because someone has logged onto my account. At this time, I try to change the password, but am unable to. I switch over to my laptop and contact billing. They change my password back. I log into wow using my laptop.

    At around 12:00 am I go through all of my accounts such as MSN. merchant, ect and change my passwords using my laptop.

    I shut both computers down until the next day.

    I reformat my desktop which I was playing wow on, I booted from the CD and did not connect to the Internet.

    At 7:00 PM Monday, while I was not home, my friend sends my account a message on MSN and he receives a reply to his question. This was not me replying and it was not anyone I live with. How could they have received my NEW password when I was using the laptop to change the information and passwords?!?

    I did not download anything on the laptop recently and as far as I know, did not go to any malicious sites. I use my desktop majority of the time. I ran a virus scanner and it did not detect anything. Today I think my NewEgg account password was changed.

    I downloaded ZoneAlarm and the only noticeable alert I was attempting to connect to my roommate's computer. He recently bought a computer from a friend and it was attempting to connect to my computer. --- Could this be the cause? Without me even opening anything, could that computer be sending my personal passwords and such over to another source? I know it is not my roomate who is doing it on purpose.

    I am so baffled about how on earth my MSN account password could have been stolen from a completely separate computer... but still on the same network. Guys I am in some trouble here, I really need some assistance

    Now I just reformatted my computer once again, and am in the process of reformatting my laptop. The first thing I did was install AVG virus scanner and then windows service pack 3. I then installed my wireless drivers to get Internet and then downloaded ZoneAlarm. Again, my computer is trying to connect to my roommates computer. It is reading,
    Packet sent from (TCP port 1087) to (NetBIOS Session) was blocked. The thing is, I am not doing anything to cause that.

    I have ran AVG Free virus scanner and Symantec Antivirus I receive through my university. Neither have found anything.

    I am worried that maybe somebody has hacked our router and has a keylogger or something collecting passwords and installing the second I connect to the network. Please assist, I am very distraught right now.
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