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Jul 30, 2011
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  1. Well now, this was an interesting phone call I just had with my friend Kenneth who lives down in L.A. During our talk he asked if I was still gaming, I said "yes, I've returned to gaming but in a rather different way". He asked for more information, "what do you mean a different way, aren't you whooping it up on your PC"? That's when I injected the fact that I'm am now a proud owner of an older model Playstation 2 system. Man, Ken just about jumped out of his boots and started really razzing me for my choice in systems. He rambled on how "console gaming is for wussy's"!

    He even went as far as to now lump me into his stereotypical grouping of wussy console users. I asked him to please elaborate and asked why I'm now a wussy user, for when I was a serious PC gamer he really talked up what I was doing, almost like being a proud parent of a doing good child. He said that "console gaming is for people who aren't smart enough to figure out how computers work". He said "cosnoles are for dumb people who don't know enough to build themselves killer computers and game on them". At this point I was wishing this guy never called for his like twice a year check in with me! :mad:

    He told me to ask anyone out there, see what the opinion is about console gaming! You'll find out people will say it's for people who aren't smart enough to build good systems, what's a video card, what's RAM, what's a CD drive.........stupid peoples questions! I attacked back by saying that at least with my PS2 I don't have to worry about building nothing, it's already there in it's entirety, ready to be used. I don't have to worry about what kind of video card to use, how much RAM I need, do I have a powerful enough CPU, is my power supply powerful enough, if a game falls within the systems requirements, I told him it's all there, pre built for my pleasure. :approve:

    Well before hanging up the phone he told me that he "guesses it will be alright for me to be a simpleton and game on a console". I told him that I love him like a brother, but for this instance.......please "F" off! :mad:

    So TechSpot members, is there any validity to what Ken was saying, about console users being wussies? Is it normal for serious PC gamers to look down at people who choose console gaming over PC gaming? Is there a nasty stigma attached to people who choose to console game?

    "Why would a person like this go all "hell bent on leather and lace" with me for no reason, does he know something I don't?

    I'll just sit back and see what you guy's and gal's have to say! :wave:
  2. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    I don't see PC building as a worry, I rather like it. That's why I'm here.
    I think, the reason is because of his [our] love for the mouse, and disgust at the joystick.
  3. Xclusiveitalian

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    Gaming has gotten rather..i can't think of a good word...passionate? People who game on 360's fight to the end for it. Same with PS3, and now PC. Seeing how PC gaming is getting "dumbed down" in the eyes of PC gamers, i can imagine he has become quite infuriated by this and has taken a stance against consoles the same way most consolers take a stance against PC. It's become quite an odd battle.
  4. Arris

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    Gaming from my perspective is the same regardless if it's played on a 360/PS3/PC or even a table top board game. It's the fun of the game, the platform for me is not important. Sure for FPS games I really don't enjoy playing with a console controller, has to be mouse and keyboard everytime. But other types of games I actually prefer to play on console. Also I find that a lot of PC games have pretty much gone all in in terms of online multiplayer and somewhat forsaken single player content. Some titles offering little more than a token amount of single player content. That's what I find good on the console, still a lot of single player content I can enjoy without having to deal with some of the less pleasant types in online gaming.

    PCs with expensive hardware do give some fantastic visuals in comparison to the 5+ year old console hardware, but really, I enjoyed games on 8bit systems with sprite based graphics back in the day just as much as I enjoy the latest blockbusters with their latest and greatest graphics engines. I don't think there is anything wrong with console gaming, in fact i have a wii and a PS3, and used to have an Xbox360 at one time too.
  5. KingSingh

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    I think your friend is right in some ways. I don't think you should be ashamed of owning a PS2, as the PS2 was a good console with some great games. However, after that generation, everything went downhill for the console industry. I used to enjoy playing on consoles before they got full online capabilities. Back then, developers used to unleash their full effort into creating PC games. Now it's common for every new PC game that it released to be a port. Consoles restrict the graphical capabilities of modern gaming rigs and generally make it futile for people to buy new gaming rigs due to the fact that games have "console rated" graphics.

    I think that if people actually had a clue about how to build a PC then they'd all be likely to build their own rigs. Most console gamers I know have sluggish computers and are mentally slow.

    As a response to what you said about a console just being there, without you having to do anything to it: Well, there are plenty of businesses that will be happy to build a PC for you, so that you won't have to do anything. The problem with consoles is that you can't upgrade them. Once they're outdated, you have to buy an entirely new console; you can't just upgrade certain components as you go along. A budget PC nowadays provides superior performance to consoles, which generally proves how badly consoles bottleneck the potential of new PC hardware.

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