WoW - Switching Mains and Achievements

By ThrasherFan22 · 6 replies
Jul 22, 2009
  1. I'm in a dilemma. I have an Alliance NE Warrior, and as you know, Warriors can do 2 things, tank, and DPS. Also, I already know about the upcoming faction changes :p

    I would really like to play a healer, preferably a Priest, but they can only DPS and heal. I'm struggling do decide whether or not I want to reroll a Horde Priest. There are 2 reasons why. My big issue is that I am loving achievments; collecting them, getting the rewards, bragging to my friends about my achievement score, its all a ton of fun to me.

    My issue is, If I reroll said Priest that I would like to heal with at 80, I would have to work to get all those achievements all over again. I only have 3170 achievement points, and I know a lot of you are thinking, oh pfft, thats nothing. Well, heres another thing.

    What if I end up not liking healing at 80, and end up DPSing. I'm then stuck with 2 DPS characters. Then I end up having 2 characters and I prefer to have everything on one character. All my achievments, mounts, titles, ect.

    What other classes can do it all. One is Druids. The only other is Paladins. The thing is, I don't want to play a Druid, even though I just leveled one with a friend all the way to level 60. I wouldn't mind playing a Paladin, but all I have played my entire time in WoW were plate wearers, and I'd like to play a clothie for once.

    I would just like to see if anyone on techspot is or has ever been in this suckish situation and what made them decide to change mains or not change.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing all of your responses.

    EDIT: Added that I already know about the upcoming faction changes.
  2. Relic

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    Well...I can't say I agree with the achievement thing. Besides a few of them ones with mount/title rewards or tracking your raid/pve progress I never cared for them. Especially the rather ludicrous ones that don't advance you in the game and are time consuming and pointless. Nevertheless I have friends who love them and I'm happy they enjoy it. But it never was my thing...

    Anyway just came to say that one of the characters I played has been a Pally since BC. They are a lot of fun and depending on your play style its not hard to find a fit with them. I've played it in all roles tanking, healing and dps. If you use it for tanking you'll probably find it a lot easier then your warrior, dps is rather straight forward since you played a melee dps. And healing by far is my favorite and different from everyone else imo. One of the reasons I rolled a Pally was similar to your situation. I wanted to have a healer and tank, several of my friends had druids at the time so I chose a Paladin. Personally never regretted it, especially since I already have three DPS characters (Hunter Mage Lock). I liked my Paladin so much towards the end of BC it became my main. In WOTLK I decked him all out with T7 pre3.1 in all three sets and tried to play every roll.

    For me it was all about having a good time and that class did it for me especially because I was able to utilize multiple rolls. Achievements never came to mind especially since I have other characters which cleared vanilla content that my pally never saw. Hope whatever class you decide on you have fun with! Just remember plate and cloth is a major difference. One can take hits - the other cannot =D.

    Good Luck
  3. syde

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    My 2 cents:

    I started playing the night BC was released with a BE Rogue and played it all the way till Wrath came out. Wrath came out and my Rogue went into retirement. After day 8 of the release of WotlK I had a lvl 80 DK Tanking machine. I too put his butt at over 30k HP in 10man T7 and was beasty without even being 25man geared. Then I retired my tank. Went back to my rogue, leveled him to 80 played him for a few months. Now comes the good part you will enjoy....

    I rolled a priest last week so I can heal at 80 :)

    there are 3 things I can promise you:
    1). that good feeling as a tank you get when people ask you here and there to tank for them from random messages...that's old a Healer class everyone loves you and NEEDS you.
    2). There has never been a worst moment in my life then going from 1-40 as a priest imo =/ your rotation is going to be kill kill drink. kill kill drink. kill kill drink (if your lucky, sometimes k/d/k/d/k/d etc) but if you can survive the grind there isn't a better feeling then keeping a group alive by your hand alone.
    3)Having a background of tanking and now healing you know what the tank prefers and you know what you as a tank always wanted your healer to do. Its a perfect setup to what you did prior to a healer.

    oh 4)going from pure melee classes to a castor is omg amazzing ;)(dont fear, plate is over rated when you have them bubbles and so many heals)

    good luck
  4. ThrasherFan22

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    I need to learn to just stick with 1 character. In my total time playing WoW, I have had

    72 Pally
    80 DK
    80 Warrior
    60 Druid
    60 Hunter

    I know a lot of peeps who have like 6 level 70-80 characters, but I bet they dont all have their fishing and cooking maxed, or have a plethora of pets. tabards, mounts, and titles on each character. IDK, I just seem to get sick of a character and want to do something new, then get it to 80 (or 60+) and repeat the process.

    Also, when I originally hit 70 with my Pally pre-wrath, I tried healing for a time and was told that I was a phenomenal healer. I tried tanking on my Paladin, and I sucked at it.

    Then, I leveled up a DK and tanked, and was told I was a great tank. IDK but I'm worried that I will be all excited to heal at 80 and then get there and realize that I suck at healing as a Priest and want to reroll....again. : /

    Anyways, thanks for your replies.
  5. syde

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    I'm what people call "gear players" I too have a lot of 80s 70s ( from pre wrath still) that I got a set of gear on it, liked how it looked /facepalm and rerolled...see 70mage,72shammie,72hunter,80dk,70spriest,70warrior,80rogue and currently leveling the priest(and a mage at the same time.)

    It sucks I know ;( but in the end it kills time, keeps me busy or shut out from the real world when I just want to be left alone so oh wells :)

    I just rolled a mage (pyrò on the realm eradar/horde course) if you ever wanna say hi or whatnot.

    good luck
  6. ThrasherFan22

    ThrasherFan22 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 74


    To tell ya' the truth, I ended my account today. I got tired of worrying about what I was going to do in WoW. It really ISN'T important enough. Instead, I'm enjoying playing other games that don't suck me in and hold me in for hours.

    WoW is a great game, and I'll come back when the next expansion is released, but for now, I'm enjoying:

    Super Mario: Galaxy
    The original Legend of Zelda

    I'm also finding I'm having more fun playing Golf now, and I'll have more time for school, and less of a reason to skip homework and such. I failed my freshman year of highschool because I played WoW way too much.

    Anyways, have fun
  7. Relic

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    Great to hear :) . That's always the problem with MMOs they are rather addictive and with no conclusion one can easily slip into a bad cycle of playing to much. I have my own personal experiences with playing WoW way to much (especially in BC). But moved away from the game earlier this year. Happy that you are enjoying classics, Zelda is awesome =D.
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