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Aug 14, 2008
  1. Hey guys. I've got a laptop here that recently had some kind of juice (or something sticky anyway) spilled on the keyboard. The keys were jamming, staying pressed, etc... I removed the keyboard from the laptop, removed all the keys, and submerged it in a quarter of an inch of rubbing alcohol for approximately 10 minutes, sort of swirling it around. When I did this all kinds of gunk and debris came out in the wash. After putting all the keys back on, they moved freely and didn't seem to stick anymore. The thing is was that the laptop's HDD was also busted (not related to the spill) so a new HDD had to be installed and the computer reformatted. I put the new drive in and sparked up Xp... everything seemed to be going ok until I tried to start typing stuff in. Now here's the situation... 2 or three of the keys don't work at all, and several of the other keys are giving the wrong letters. I've already double and triple checked to make sure the keys got put back to the right spots and they have. But something's not right... For example my left Shift key gives me an 'N'. Any ideas?
  2. kimsland

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    I don't understand the question.

    It's a faulty keyboard, that requires replacing !
  3. jools1976

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    Yeah that's what I figured. I was just hoping maybe there was some kind of fix (cleaning, adjustment, etc...) but I guess a new keyboard is in order. The laptop in question is a Eurocom M3SW (Product code M375S) so finding a keyboard may be a bit of a problem though...
  4. jools1976

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    I'm using an external USB keyboard right now and it's working fine. I got a price on a new keyboard and it's 80 bucks from Eurocom. I just want to make sure it's actually the keyboard and not the connector on the motherboard or anything. I'd like to get a keyboard used or something so it's a little cheaper, but I've checked on eBay etc... and haven't come up with anything. Does anyone know of any way I could find out if there are any other compatible keyboards I could get used or otherwise cheaper?
  5. kimsland

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    Thanks for replying back again, because I was re-thinkng this a little.

    You are best firstly, to remove any dust inside the laptop, the keyboard connections, and lying in the keyboard first (ie compressed air can)

    Then you might be best to purchase "Circuit Board Cleaner" (being the exact name) and spray the keyboard connection on the Mobo (obviously all power out) and also spray the entire keyboard out (connectors and all)

    Keyboards usually get this large build up of moisture (yucky grime and sweat) over time. And doing the above will hopefully clean it all out.

    Note: Read the directions on the can, in most cases it will say leave for a day or so, to confirm the cleaner is fully dry, before reconnecting any plugs or power. Sometimes I have then used compressed air again, to blow it dry too (but it's difficult to dry inside the small Keyboard/Mobo connections.

    Total price ~$20 for the Circuit Spray and compressed air cans
    Total time: ~about 2 days (to dry)

    Then test :)

    I'd do this
  6. jools1976

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    Hey kimsland, thanks for the tip. Recleaned it all using contact cleaner and compressed air but stil nothing. I also tried instaling the keyboard in a Dell laptop I've got but nothing at all worked there, so obviously they're not compatible. I'm just a little aprehensive about buying a brand new keyboard in case it's the connection on the mobo or something else and I waste my money. The keyboard is made by Chicony so I was going to try contacting them to see if it's a little cheaper than Eurocom sells it for, but the sticker on the back of the board has ripped off a little and I can't read the full part #...
  7. kimsland

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    contact EUROCOM technical support support@eurocom.com for the part number

    I believe keyboard
  8. jools1976

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    Emailed Eurocom twice but they haven't gotten back to me. It's kind of funny because when I wanted to buy the keyboard from them they replied right away... I also contacted Chicony twice to see if they had any info. They didn't respond either... Anyway there are partial numbers on the sticker on the keyboard :


    Any ideas?
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