WRT330N vs. WRT610N: Which is better for gaming?

By nodyarg
Nov 24, 2008
  1. My wrt150n is a piece of crap it feeds all my banwidth to my desktop pc for some reason and when i try to connect to the playstation network on my ps3 even if im lucky enough to be able to get onto my wifi from the router the internet connection is so horrible i either cant get into the playstation network or its unbearably slow and laggy, meanwhile my desktop pc has a great connectoin and fast up/down speeds...so yea basically its time to upgrade...
    I found out about the wrt330n gaming router which emplys QoS and other services to optimize performance for gaming, and to give games top priority over network resources, which is perfect for what i need... But then more recently i discovered the WRT610N, its supposedly the best router available right now and its only about $30 more expensive than the 330. It has dual N channels, a 5ghz signal, and several other new features, so no question it is better for signal strength and distance, but what i am more concerned about is whether they put all the gaming technology from the WRT330N into it which will allow me to give my games priority on banwidth. I am not really concerned about which is the better router im just concerned about which router will be better for gaming.
    I havent been able to find any reviews that directly compared the two routers so i figured this was the place to go to find out....
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