X800Pro or X800XT

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Jun 8, 2006
  1. I'm thinking of getting another X800, but now I'm not sure which to go for.

    I've read reports that the X800Pro can be overclocked to XTPE without much of a problem, but my last experience with an X800XT was a pretty good one. However, you guys should have realised that there's a huge saving buying an X800Pro instead.

    Also, I'm talking about AGP. I can't justify the 7800GS, and I probably will buy a new comp in a year's time, or at least till this X800 goes totally obsolete.
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    Greenmachine is correct. The X800GTO is the replacement for the X800/X850 Pro line as it's a 12-pipeline card, just like the Pro's.

    The X800XT, of course, is the best out of the bunch as it has all 16-pipelines unlocked/certified with no-fuss/no-muss.

    Some people have been able to BIOS flash X800GTO's to the full 16-pipelines... not everyone, but some. It's not a sure-fire thing. It also requires overclocking the GPU as the BIOS's used to flash locked pipes run at higher GPU clocks.

    So, I'd narrow your choices down to:
    X800GTO (12-pipeline, product replacement for the X8xx Pro's)
    X800XT (16-pipeline, full unlocked version)
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    I would take the X800XT. longer usable lifespan. modding a cheaper card to get a more expensive cards performance is great, when it works. when it doesnt you can end up with a expensive paperweight.
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    I'm gonna fit a huge cooler on it as well, and if I can get 550/550mhz on it, with 16 pipelines, I'd be happy with it.
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