Xbox 360, strict NAT problem

By Axeldanzer
Aug 11, 2008
  1. Okay, I've looked and looked all over and I cannot find the answer to my specific problem. I am trying to get an open NAT for my Xbox 360. What I am using is this:
    Windows XP
    Real-Tek RTL8139 network card
    Cricket Wireless internet (USB modem)

    I have my Xbox directly connected to PC via the network card, USB modem in plugged into my PCI usb card. and internet connection sharing is enabled for cricket wireless. Cricket Wireless uses a UTStarcom UM100C usb modem to connect with. All the information I can find with the NAT setting refers to modifying settings with a router or gateway, which I am not using... so any help would be appreciated. If anyone needs more info let me know.
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    If your xbox is linked to the PC make sure it uses a crossover cable not a straight through as this wont work unless you use a hub.

    Your PC is acting as both a router and a gateway whilst it is set to run "internet connection" sharing program.

    Your incoming ISP goes into the PC via the USB modem (kinda crap idea though you should use Network cards as USB modems are unreliable).

    Your PC then uses the ICS to distribute an IP address to any device plugged into the network socket (in this case the Xbox), it uses the range 192.168.1.X, where is a number between 2 and 255.

    Your default gateway is set to

    PC then uses NAT (network address translation) to take outgoing request for internet connection and passes this onto the outgoing connection (USB modem)

    If your using ICS then you shouldnt need to open any ports on the firewall as ICS manages all the routing.

    Im betting its the cable..

  3. Axeldanzer

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    Crossover Cable

    I am actually using a crossover cable. Originally I was using a router but was unable to use internet connection sharing. In case the question is asked :) it's a linksys router BEFSR41. The Cricket is a little unreliable, but it's the best I can get right now. So I'm wondering if maybe I either A:) need a new crossover cable or B:) need to get a new network card. or maybe it's hidden option C:) VPN?
    I thought about configuring Cricket with VPN access since it has an option for it in the program, but I'm a networking noob and have no idea if that would help with the NAT problem.

    On the other hand, I could just live with the fact that I have strict NAT for now until I can manage to get a different internet service... but that doesn't seem to be one of my easier options at the moment.
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