Xbox doesn't network anymore

By mr_newbie
Aug 27, 2010
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  1. ive been using xbox 360 Live for a while now without problems. i have linked it to my netgear router using homeplugs. this has been working great for a month.

    Today i tried to setup Windows Media Extender on my pc so that i can access the media on my PC using my xbox. However, my PC kept failing during setup. I looked online and they said to delete the WIndows Media Certificate through the MMC then retry the setup. But now my xbox cant even detect the network anymore.

    ive tried resetting router, changing ethernet cables, manually setting up the ip, gateway etc. Nothing works, its as if some setting is suddenly blocking my xbox from connecting to my router.

    i dont see how deleting a certificate cant result in this.
    any ideas??

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